Dewalt DCF886 Brushless 1/4″ Impact Driver – Review


Even though brushless tools have been out for years, they seem to be all the rage now.  Higher capacity lithium Ion batteries mated to these brushless setups are giving unheard of run times.  DeWALT already released a brushless 3 speed impact last year the DCf895 which is great for applications where you need total speed control.  With this new second round of brushless they are touting their new 2.0 and 4.0 XR battery packs that give up to 33% more run time.  We witnessed this first hand at the recent DeWALT media event. The brushless motor alone gives up to 57% more run time over a brushed motor.

Dewalt DCF886

Dewalt DCF886d2


The DCF886 comes in 3 different packages:
DCF886: Bare tool only.
DCF886D2: Kitbox, two 2.0Ah XR batteries, fast charger. Weighs 2.9 lbs ( What we have)
DCF886M2: Kitbox, two 4.0Ah XR batteries, fast charger. Weighs 3.4 lbs

Our friends over at ACME TOOLS have notified us that they already have the DCF886 in stock.  Click here to get the DCF886 at ACME TOOLS

Obviously the M2 version will give you the most run time, but will add more weight.  For long repetitive work the less weight the better.  Ergonomics on this tool are stellar!  In my opinion there is not a more comfortable grip on the market.  The tool retains great balance with either the 2.0 or 4.0 batteries.  This is a compact tool that will allow you to get into tight areas, the head is only 5.55″ long.  The 3 LED lights in the head work great for almost shadow free operation.   The one-handed chuck accepts 1″ bits. I actually like this chuck better than the chuck system on the previous DCF895 which tends to stick.


Dewalt DCF886 3

Dewalt DCF886 7

Dewalt DCF886 6


The DCF886 puts out up to 3,200 impacts per minute and up to 2,800 rpm thanks to a smooth variable speed trigger.  The tool puts out 1,500 in-lbs of torque which is not industry leading but very respectable.  Any driving task you throw at the DCF886 it can handle it.  This tool screams PRO all over it and is a covered by a 3 year warranty.  Eric used the DCF886 on his bathroom project and fell in love with it, he wanted to keep it!   I left him with 3 charged batteries and no charger.  When I checked back the following day he was still on the first pack. The new XR line from DeWALT is going to be a force to be reckoned with as it slowly trickles out into the market.  In my opinion the DeWALT DCF886 is the best all around impact driver for 2013, but hey it’s only May!


Dewalt DCF886 2

Dewalt DCF886 1

'Dewalt DCF886 5





  1. Great writeup Dan and good pictures! That is a tough looking impact and maybe a new leader in the impact world!

  2. A very nice tool indeed. Personally, I would prefer the dcf895 because of the three speeds, because I don’t do a lot of repetitive heavy duty driving.

  3. Forgive me if I am being a total goon since it is early still, but what exactly is innovative about this? Why do you think it might be the best all around impact this year? The batteries that come with it? Is there anything in the top-tier of performance with regards to the drill? Don’t misread this as Dewalt-hate but genuine curiosity… Gracias

    • Best runtime, Best grip, You really have to use it to understand. It is a great all around impact, I don’t believe I called it innovative.

  4. Dan I about chocked on my coffee this morning at your last comment to Tom,
    when you said I didn’t think you had friends. LOL

    Great review on the DCF886 1/4 in Impact Drill, think I will check it out.

    PS My view on loaning out tools is IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOOSE IT DO NOT LOAN IT.
    STUFF HAPPENS even with the best of intentions.

  5. The grip on dewalts 20v line is like no other and runtime, the previous three speed was unstoppable, now we have this.

  6. That has some really good features. Looks like a good workhorse. Are there more air vents on this Dewalt compared to the new Milwaukee’s fuel tools?

    Maybe I have so many Milwaukee tools I tend to discount other good tools.

  7. True true Dan – you never mentioned innovation… but you did speak much on the quality aspect – I am eager to check it out in light of how highly you speak of this impact!! Didn’t mean to sound harsh, but I was just trying to understand your conclusion. It seems like it is a really solid tool. Thanks for the writeup and video – always great to watch you guys.

  8. I have the dcf895 and i never had problem with the chuck sticking and the grip is pretty much the same as the makita . Love the dcf895 would not change it for any thing but steal cool that dewalt is expending there brushless tool and offering more option for people , but need more tools in the 20/12 volt line like band saw , mag drill ,miter saw ,laminate trimmer ,ect…

  9. nice dan..use baby ones ..3 lights..screwdriver..1/4 hex..super
    light nice looking at my 12 volts wondering if brushes
    are replaceable don,t seem have removable caps at end like older
    ones.dang old brushes impact brushless is sweet.keep
    up good new dewalt is…..stay tuned…toolsinaction.

  10. Dan ..seen dewalt has some new tools out..ratchets sockets..deep
    etching on was in sears catalog..look nice..might want
    to review them.might give craftsman run for the money.few
    years back purchased dewalt screwdrivers magnetic drivers.
    love have deep etched socket set.cheers.


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