DeWALT Cordless 20V Miter Saw Spotted at The Home Depot – DCS361M1


Just when we all thought Milwaukee was going to be next to the to plate with a cordless miter saw in the USA, DeWALT has come out with one.  It’s a 7-1/4 so it is not going to have the capacity of a 10″ but it sure beats a hand saw and a miter box.  Capacity is up to 3-5/8 in. nested crown and 3-1/2 in. base vertically, will cut 2×8 lying flat.

The DCS361M1 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion 7-1/4 in. Cordless Miter Saw will be a game changer for sure. It is light at around 38lbs so you will be able to take it anywhere by yourself with no external power required.

Check it out over at the Home Depot.


  1. Go DeWalt !!
    Wasn’t sure about the 7 1/4 ” blade, but then realized this is a Sliding Miter still capable of cutting a 2 x 8….
    Nice accessories too – wish my DW715 came with a clamp…

    • All Dewalt miter’s I’ve ever owned, include my very first 715 way back in the day, came with that clamp. It ends up on the shelf collecting dust.

      • Cody, I know you’re right, but I see it as an available accessorie, and I see it included on many other saws, and can’t help but feel DeWalt should have thrown it in at the price-point…
        Same goes for the extendable work supports that are available to attach to the saw body…
        That all said, I actually use my DW715 on the DW714 Compact Mitersaw stand which has adjustable work supports, so wouldn’t need them anyway lol
        It’s just that I see little details like that included by other manufacturers, and wonder why DeWalt doesn’t

      • I will say that you’re right anyway but I just recently put shoe around each step in my house doing hard wood steps and I was thinking I wish I had a stop so I could cut each piece equal and I finally see how this could be handy every miter saw that I have bought I threw this to the side but now I will keep it handy and as soon as I can actually buy this thing oh yes it will be mine I have already ordered the stand with the wheels just for this I am a contractor and I have 28 20 volt batteris as I build fences and we hardly use power outlets because we always blow breakers so I will definitely love this thing the only corded tool we use is a compressor and only when I have to as we use paslodede guns but putting pickets on wastes gas and costs bucks

  2. Schweeeet…. be great for the contractor. Not something I have much need for though. Now if they could get a brushless track saw to market…

  3. Great find! Ryobi and craftsman have had a cordless miter saw out for a few years, but they don’t have the sliding feature.

  4. “The first to the plate”? Makita released a 18V Lithium 7 1/2″ miter saw in 2011.

    Ryobi has a cordless miter saw.

    Not to mention Makita had a 8 1/2″ 24V NiCad Miter saw
    and Bosch had a 10″ 24V NiCad Miter Saw.

  5. Say it ain’t so!! Very nice. But, I love my DWS780 (12in) monster & DW713 (10in) baby beast & I can’t see going cordless in this category. I would worry about power & making sure that it eats up lumber quickly. I’m drooling. Laters TIA

  6. This is perfect for small framing jobs, punch list items, and for a trim carpenter that wants to be highly mobile. Hopefully Dewalt comes out with their 20v brushless cordless trim nailers soon because this would be the setup to have if your a trim carpenter. Unless your doing large format trim or super high production this is the setup to have if your mostly doing remodeling work. I’m defiantly considering Dewalt if Milwaukee doesn’t come out with a similar solution in the USA. There have been rumors that Milwaukee is working on cordless nailers but like anything that is just rumors. Pro’s and Diyers have been buying up with Ryobi airstrike tools like no tomorrow because of the price and convenience of hot having to deal with compressors on the jobsite.

  7. It’s nice to see that if you can wait one is bound to come your way and dewalt has done it ! Now if dewalt comes up with a 20v 15 gauge finish nailer and a 20v roofing nailer that would be very nice .? I’m a handyman that does small jobs and the ability to not have to be carrying a compressor and hoses will allow me to be done faster also will allow my business to flourish! So dewalt how about it!


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