DEWALT Announces 5” Single Speed Random Orbital Sander


There are a lot of random orbital sanders to pick from, but my two favorites are the Bosch and Dewalt.  I have used both of these sanders for a number of years and both have been great.  Recently Dewalt announced their new random orbital sander model number DWE6421.  This new sander is a 5″ single speed sander.  If your looking for a variable sander, Dewalt also introduced a new one with a model number of DWE6423.

As with their other sanders, this utilizes a hook and loop pad, so your existing disks will work with this sander.  The sander only weights 2.9 lbs, so I am sure it will be easy to maneuver around.  Now I haven’t tried this sander, but I have tried the DWE6423 which is pretty much the same, but with variable speed.  I have to say it has a nice feel and is very easy to use, but most of all, their isn’t a lot of vibrations from the sander.

The DWE6421 uses a 3 amp motor that puts out 12,000 OPM on a 3/32” orbit.  As with their variable speed sander, you can attach this to a dust collection system (DWV012 and DWV010) or you can buy a universal connector system.  If you choose to use the provided dust bag, it does a fairly good job at trapping most of the dust.  The bag locks into place using a ring.  The sander will retail for about $64 and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Check out our DWE6420K Multi Speed Sander video


  1. You guys should bug Mirka for their DEROS random orbit sander and review it. Wonder what you guys think. It’s the king of the ROS. Or so they say… it’s yellow so it must be good 😉


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