DeWALT 4.0 Ah 20V MAX Metal Cutting Circular Saw DCS373M2 – Review


Everyone is touting Brushless and 4.0Ah technology, you see it everywhere.  Well DeWALT has nonchalantly entered the 4.0Ah battery market with the DCS373M2 metal cutting circular saw.  Metal cutting circular saws allow you to cut through material like rebar and steel track in seconds and the best feature is that the steel stays cool.  The 5-1/2″ circular saw did a great job of cutting through everything we threw at it.  It didn’t bog down at all.  It has a 1-11/16″ depth of cut at 90 degrees.  It has a blade lock and an included allen wrench for easy blade changes.

Since the saw is a 20V max, it has the signature ergonomic grip that we all have come to love with the 20V MAX line up.  It really feels comfortable in your hand and allows for precise control.  It weighs 8.3 lbs and puts out 460 MWO @ 3700 rpm.  MWO you ask?  What does that mean?  Dewalt introduced UWO and now MWO.  This new way of gauging tool power appeared on the scene with the release of the 20V line.  It seems to alienate DeWALT from the rest of industry that still uses easy to compare traditional torque specs.  The saw is more than powerful enough for the tasks we used it with, in-fact I would say the power was impressive, to say the least.

For greater visibility it has an LED light that stays on for 20 seconds after you pull the trigger and a big clear plastic guard area.  The shoe of the tool is made of steel for durability and resists chip build up.  It comes with a 5-1/2″ 30T carbide tipped metal cutting blade.  Two 4.0Ah batteries, a case and a charger are included with this kit.  This product is covered by a 3 year warranty.  The 4.0Ah batteries are labeled as XR which we assume means extended runtime.  I am sure some sort of big 4.0Ah XR release is coming perhaps with a new compact brushless drill.  We took the 4.0AH battery from this kit and used it with our DCS391 6-1/2″ circular saw, the power and longer runtime was fairly noticeable.

A metal cutting circular saw is one of the fastest portable tools for cutting metal on the market.  The DeWALT DCS373 does an excellent job at this task and for the pro is a great choice.

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