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DeWALT 20V Max 4.0Ah Battery – Hits the Streets


Today I received DeWALTs new DCS373M2 metal cutting saw and to my surprise it came with two 4.0Ah batteries.  I am still in shock that the 4.0 batteries came with no major announcement.  It doesn’t even say 4.0 on the side of the battery.  Instead it is labeled XR like the European 20V/18V XR.  This could mean that DeWALT has something big in the works like a XR Brushless line of tools for the US market.

What does 4.0Ah technology mean for the user?  Longer runtimes, around 33% more runtime depending on the tool.  We did some 4.0 testing with Metabo and Milwaukee 4.0Ah batteries.  We came up with 33% extra run time in almost every test.  We will be testing this battery out soon and will keep you posted.




Check out the Milwaukee 4.0 test we did.


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