DeWALT 20V Max 4.0Ah Battery – Hits the Streets



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Today I received DeWALTs new DCS373M2 metal cutting saw and to my surprise it came with two 4.0Ah batteries.  I am still in shock that the 4.0 batteries came with no major announcement.  It doesn’t even say 4.0 on the side of the battery.  Instead it is labeled XR like the European 20V/18V XR.  This could mean that DeWALT has something big in the works like a XR Brushless line of tools for the US market.


What does 4.0Ah technology mean for the user?  Longer runtimes, around 33% more runtime depending on the tool.  We did some 4.0 testing with Metabo and Milwaukee 4.0Ah batteries.  We came up with 33% extra run time in almost every test.  We will be testing this battery out soon and will keep you posted.


dewalt XR battery



Check out the Milwaukee 4.0 test we did.



  1. Yea the lack of a fuel gauge on the original 20v batteries was a huge flaw when the line was released. I believe all 4.0 and 2.0 batteries have fuel gauges. Regarding the 20v/XR labeling it could just be Dewalt wanting to lower inventory costs, and have one standard of labeling and packaging. Dan have you heard what happened to the Dewalt insights program/website they launched? I signed up like 6 months ago and nothing has happnened with the page at all since the page launched they were going to have forums and all sorts of stuff going on.

  2. Awesome that they are finally out, but DeWalt seems to be opening themselves up to the whole 18/20v criticism again with the 80 watt-hour rating. Sure they actually read 20V or more when freshly charged, but with a nominal voltage of 18 they are not going to produce 80 watt hours under any circumstances.

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