Dewalt 12V MAX 3/8″ Drill/Driver Review – DCD710


In the past 12V power tools were more or less a joke.  They didn’t have the power to do much except some small hobbies around the house.  As the battery technology has moved forward, so has the joke of the 12V.  12V power tools are now a useful tool to have around, even on the job-site.  We tested the Dewalt 12V Max Drill/Driver to see if this was a joke or the real thing.

Power Tool Review – Dewalt 12V Max Drill/Driver

Power Tool Model – DCD710



Pros: Ergonomics, Balance, Power, LED Innovation

Cons: Not a lot of tools in the 12V line yet and no battery gauge

Specifications of the Dewalt

  • Number of Speeds – 2
  • Max RPM – 1500
  • Clutch Settings – 15
  • Chuck Size – 3/8″
  • Tool Weight – 2.4 lbs.
  • No Load Speed – 0-400, 0-1500 rpm
  • Tool Lenght – 7.5″





Nuts & Bolts of the Dewalt


If you look at the specs above and take away the weight and where it says 12V, you would probably think you were reading an 18V drill, not a 12V.  This small drill has some serious specs to get excited about.  We like the fact that is has two speeds, so your application use increases.  Now we are not saying this will take the place of an 18V, but it will allow you to put the 18V down for a while and get most jobs done such as hanging cabinets and more.


Now for the review we could have done a comparison against other 12V drills to see how many holes you can drill compared to another drill, but we didn’t want to bore you.  The truth is that most drills with the same battery type and same volt will be close in terms of how many holes they drill.  There is not much of a difference in number of holes drilled to be a deciding factor of buying a drill.  What we really want to cover and show was the balance and the power.

If you read our review of the Dewalt 12V Impact Driver, you know we are crazy about the balance of the 12V line.  This is a power tool you can work with all day and not get fatiqued from the drill.  Yes the weight has a lot to do with it, but the design of the tool has an impact also.  The pancake battery and the overall design ( especially the handle grip) fits perfect.  There is not too much weight in the front or back of the tool.

In regards to power, again its not an 18V, but this small tool packs a powerful punch.  All we did was drive a 3″ screw into a piece of 2″ pine, 1″ oak and 3/4″ plywood with no problems.  The change in grain and material didn’t bog the drill down.  As you can see by the video, it ran right through all the wood.


Overall this is a great drill.  The balance is incredible and the tool just fits your hand like a glove.  Great power for a 12V.  If your looking for a small, lightweight drill to carry around and have some power, you have to take a look at the Dewalt 12V DCD710 and the whole Dewalt 12V Max line.


  1. I love dewalt tools all the range of dewalt product is awesome and the good thing is that the tool dewalt makes it really easy to use and good quality.

  2. I bought this drill driver for a lighter version of my 18v XRP DeWalt hammer drill that I’ve had for several years. At only 4lbs I was really surprised how light it is. I also have a 7.2v DeWalt screwdriver and this drill might weigh about a half a pound heavier and has all the power needed to accomplish everything I put it to. I do DirecTV installations and a quality drill that is this weight and size is perfect. DeWalt products have never let me down. There are others that are cheaper, but all the ones I’ve seen have really bad batteries. The battery lasts really good considering the way I use mine the way I do. Amazon took care of me as usual on the price and all I had to do was look on this website. Amazon’s prices lately have been really good on tools and many other things.

  3. I use at work 18v XRP (hammerdrill) DeWalt. At home I use similar 18V but without hammer (DCD560). But both are quite heavy to carry around and use.
    A year ago I came across this 12V Max (DCD710) and I purchased it. I found that on 95% of my home projects it is more than sufficient! It is VERY light and yet powerful. After a year of using it, I liked is do much, that I just recently purchased second one. Both will be useful on some projects, that I do not have to change bit so often. Eg. I can have in one Robertson bit and in the other one Philips bit to drive screws.
    One huge advantage with lithium batteries is, that if I do not use it for some time (lets say 1-2 months) and then I need it, the battery doesn’t self-discharge (unlike NiMh or NiCd) and there is as much power as it was left 2 months ago.

  4. bought one first came arrived ..small light
    compact..went out to porch try 3 inch screw ..easy..2×6 inch
    spade..went through no problem..thing has power..use it all
    the time..mine looks different some ways…replaced chuck
    with metal Rohm one.buddy mine did his that way..played
    with it..cost me 70.00 to…not against plastic
    chucks .snap-on air drill has jacob plastic chuck..did awhile
    back now Rohm chuck for 12 volt drill..1/32-3/8 1-10 so hard
    to find look can do alot that 18 volt
    can do..lightest one i ever owned..good job Dewalt.


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