Danner Boot Review

Danner Boot Review

Is there really a difference from one manufacturer of boots to another manufacturer of boots?  The answer is simple, yes there is a difference.  If you don’t believe me, just ask your feet. As you know when you step, you not only put pressure on your foot, but that pressure gets transferred up through your ankles, to your knees, and onto your back.  So yes, you need to get the correct work boot for your feet.  So let’s get right into the Danner Boot Review.

Danner Boot Review Overview

Danner is a company that a lot of people are familiar with but they are new to Tools in Action.  Now before these boots, I had never heard of Danner.  Funny thing is they have been making footwear since 1932.  Now asking around to the contractors and friends we know, from the people who have heard of Danner, well let’s just say they all had great things to say about their boots.

When you think about it, it’s pretty hard to make a great work boot since not everyone has the same foot design or the same step.  With that said, I think that is why you have two types of companies.  The ones who are serious about their boot making and those who just want to outsource their boot and make a couple of bucks.

Danner is one of those companies who take their boot making business serious.  They have been making boots since 1932.  Their focus is not making one boot that fits all.  They design different types of boots for different types of applications.  Looking more into the boot, you will see how the Vicious 400G is designed for the worker and the guy who is up on his feet all day.

Danner Boot Review Features

Danner Boot Review

The Danner boots are an 8″ high boot that is insulted.  The boots meet or exceed ASTM F2892-11 EH. The boots weigh in at 66 oz. per pair or 33 oz. per boot.

The boot also features a dual-density EVA midsole for extra shock absorption and comfort.  The heel is a 90-degree heel which means it is great for outside and inside working conditions.

The boots are waterproof with a breathable Gore-Tex liner.

Danner Boot Review

While the toe doesn’t offer the complete coverage like Keen does, it does have a higher rubber front to provide protection against skids and bumps.  I like the looks of these boots in the front much better than the Keens.  These have a Non-Metallic Toe so you have all the protection without the downside of steel toe boots.

Danner Boot Review

The boots are made from a quality leather.  On the heel of the boot, there is a different and durable fabric to help protect the boot.

Danner Boot Review

The boot features four lace eyes made from a metal and plastic material.

Danner Boot Review

On the top of the boot, there are four quick clip lace holders.  This is called the Danner speed system.  The Danner speed system allows the user to tighten from toe to top with one swift tug for a secure, tight fit.

Danner Boot Review

The boot is doubled stitched which offers durability and longevity.

Danner Boot Review

On the back of the boot, there is a nice tapper part so when you are walking, the back of the boot isn’t hitting you in the back of the leg.

Danner Boot Review

The sole is oil and slip resistant.  Plus it’s manufactured with non-conductive electrical shock resistant sole.

Danner Boot Review Performance

Danner Boot Review

As you would expect, they are exactly what Danner claims, they are waterproof.  The one item I noticed about this boot compared to other waterproof work boots is how the water beads.

Other brands we have tested that are waterproof, when they get wet, you can see they were exposed to moisture.  Yes, the insides didn’t get wet, but you can tell on the outside.  With the Danner boots, the water just beaded off and couldn’t even tell they were exposed to water.  Now I am not sure if one is better than the other, but to me, I would think a shoe that beads water off compared to one that absorbs, the one that beads would stay cleaner and also last longer.  But that is just a guess.

Danner Boot Review

These rank as one of the most comfortable work boots we have tested over the years.  Didn’t matter if I was walking on uneven ground or concrete, the boots were extremely comfortable.

Danner Boot Review Value

The boots retail for $220 on Danner’s website.  Normally I would squawk at a high price piece of work gear.  However, since these are boots and can make or break your day, $220 is worth the price.

The boots not only offer comfort, but they offer protection and are designed to last.  So I think this is a fair price for these boots.

Danner Boot Review Final Thought

This is my first pair of Danner boots and so far I have been highly impressed with the construction, comfort and the fit of the boot.  As I said before, everyone has different feet, different pressure points etc, so I am not saying Danner is a one size fits all.  However, from what I have experienced and what I have heard from others, the Danner Vicous boot is a great boot and I am sure most people will agree.


  1. I bought my first pair of Danners about a year and a half ago after changing companies. Old company offered a huge discount on Redwings (some kind of corporate agreement plus a partial comp), but the new company didn’t… after seeing the sticker price of Redwings it was time for a new brand!

    My Danners are the “Crafter” line, which looks really similar to these. I have wide toes and this line accommodated my weird feet. They are nice boots but I have had two problems people may want to consider. First off, these things are waterproof… like super waterproof… like not let the sweat out waterproof… so much so that on a hot day you almost have to take them off at lunch to avoid shriveled up feet like you spent too long in the pool. Trudging through drainage ditches this is a huge plus…. but on the asphalt crew, not so much. The other issue that came up was quality of the seam between the upper and sole. This separated about 6 months in, and I contacted Danner to complain/request repair/new under warranty. I was told that the sole on these is not replaceable, so they do not cover this seam. Made no sense to me, but whatever. The boots are still waterproof as the goretex seems to wrap around independent of the leather, so no water gets to my sweaty feet…. but it does get into the sole and smell to high heaven after a bit…

    Final note, mine are a “safety toe” but not steel. Works GREAT if you have to go through metal detectors at work without taking on and off you shoes!

    • Thanks for the feedback and information. That stinks they don’t cover the sole. I am guessing this is considered wear and tear. Good point about them being waterproof and getting hot in summer time on asphalt.

  2. Glad to see you guys are covering more clothing wares. As a Plumber specializing in residential service work, investing in a pair of boots that can keep up with me from 6:30 am to as late as 9 pm is worth the money. In my ten years experience, the two boots I find myself going back to on a regular basis are the Doc Marten Ironbridge and the Bates GX-8 Ultralite GTX. I love the comfort and durability from the Doc Martens, but on the other hand the Bates have the super convenient side zipper, better traction, and weigh much less.

    I typically go through 2 pairs of boots a year. The humidity down here makes the sweat absorb into the socks which quickly create a very funky boot odor that’s difficult to go away. Justifying a new pair every 6 months or so gets very tedious. Like the other commenter noted, most stuff isn’t American made any longer. I’m not 100% sure American made would last longer for that matter though. I’d like to go for traditional boots, but I can never find a great fitting pair that fits right without giving my heel blisters.

  3. well iam on my 3rd pair of danner boots in 4 months the quality does not seem to be there the first pair started to come apart where they were glued and took about 2 weeks to break in so i tookthem back and upgraded to a full stich boot to the sole type and loved them they were very covertable could were them all day no problem but after 2 months the sole split starting from the top down so i know i diddent step on somethine sharp so i took back and got even a more expenceive pair i was going to go with a different brand but the store diddent have any thing else that i liked so i went with the danners agin shame on me for giving them a 3rd try but i really like the way they fit
    i hope they work out because iam not giving them a 4th try i will go back to the 150. dollar boots at least i get 1 to 2 years out of them. p.s. danner get your s _ _ t together your loosing guys like me left and right pertty sone your going to be right along side with the die hart boots well ont thing is for sure if you keep it up you will beable to sell your crap at wall mart.


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