Crown Boiler Revisit


Replacing a furnace or boiler is a huge investment, so I wanted to do a revisit of the Crown Boiler we installed over a year ago.  You may remember we replaced an old boiler form the 60’s with this Crown Aruba Boiler.

While most of you know I do have a wood burning insert that I use for a lot of my heat, I still rely heavily on this boiler for a number of reasons.  The ways I use this boiler are first to heat my whole basement.  So even when the stove is going upstairs, this boiler is running for my basement.  The second is I still use it for my main floor heating.  I love my stove, but I don’t always have it on.  If I am going to be out of town, I use this boiler.  Plus I have my house split into zones, so this boiler is always heating my bedrooms.

I don’t think this boiler is classified as a high efficiency boiler, but I really don’t care.  I replaced my boiler from the 60’s with this one, so to me it’s high efficiency.  My gas bill was almost cut in half with this boiler, so that’s efficient to me.

All in all this is one awesome system.  I still can’t believe how quiet this boiler is.  There are times I have to walk over to it and make sure it’s on.  My boiler is located in the basement along with my work area, so you think I would be able to hear the boiler, but the only thing I ever hear is a small swoosh sound when the gas burners kick on.  Even the pump is quiet. I have to put my hand on the pump to make sure it is working, which is hot and for some reason I am always surprised.  You think I would know by now that it’s hot water running through the pump, therefore the pump should be hot.

I understand a boiler is a big under taking in terms of time and money.  The Crown has been perfect and I am so happy I went with this system over any other boiler.


  1. You’re right not to get sold on high efficiency. More important on a high dollar purchase is reliability. Crown makes a solid product and operates at right around what they deem high efficiency.

  2. i like boilers for the fact that there is no dusty air movement and dry air. My wife did not want baseboards or radiators, so in went a furnace. Do you have any floor heating?


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