Craftsman Nextec QuickBoost


This year there has been some very cool and innovative tools that have come to market, but this has to be one of the top.  The Craftsman Quickboost charger.  We first heard about his at the National Hardware Show in Vegas.

The Quickboost is something every manufacture should have as it saves time.  I know this has happened to you as it has happened to me numerous time.  You’re just about to finish a job and the battery dies.  You go and grab the back up, only to find you didn’t charge it.  So what’s next.  Put the battery in the charger and wait.  Not anymore, well you still have to wait, but now you only have to wait 3 minutes.  After three minutes you have a 25% charge on the battery.  One thing to note is currently the Quickboost is only for the Craftsman 12V Nextec line.


If your battery dies, just place it in the charger, press the Quickboost button and in three minutes your set to go.  If you forget about it and walk away, after three minutes the charge will go into normal mode and charge the battery in 30 minutes.  Surprisingly the charger is not big and bulky like I was expecting.  It’s only 4.5″ in width, 6.5″ long and about 2.5″ in height, so it does’t take up a lot of room.  If you want there are also two holes on the back where you can hang it on the wall.

On the front of the charger is the monitoring system and tells you exactly what is happening with the charging.  The button you press to start the Quickboos will light up green to let you know the Quickboost mode is working.  If the battery is not below 25%, the charger will not go into Quickboost mode.  On the left side of the Quickboost light is a small red light to let you know there is a problem with the battery, which you hope you never see, but it is useful in case there is a problem.  On the right side of the Quickboost light is a small green light.  This lets the user know the battery is being charged in standard more.  When it stops blinking, it stays a solid green and the battery is fully charged.

The charge currently cost about $50, but worth every penny to have the piece of mind that if you need some extra juice, you can have it.  If you own the Craftsman Nextec tools, this is a must have as it can save you a lot of frustration and down time.  The unit is also backed by a 1 year, 90 day warranty.


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