Craftsman 20″ 40-volt Rear Discharge Electric Lawn Mower


The week rolls along with the all new Craftsman 40V lawnmower.  This season we were lucky enough to test a variety of battery powered lawnmowers.  Out of all the lawnmowers we tested, I really thought the Craftsman would be my least favorite.  Not sure why, just a hunch.  If you know me, you know I am usually wrong about my hunches and this time it wasn’t any different.  While it did have a couple downsides to the mower, the Craftsman turned out to be one of my favorite mowers this summer.

A couple things I loved about the mower was it was powerful, did a great job bagging the grass and was very light and easy to push around.  Changing the height of the mower was also very easy.  For the downsides there is no fast lever to lower the handle for storage.  Not a huge deal, but one to be noted.  The second item was the battery set up.  Basically you can have one battery in use and the other sits in another compartment for storage.  When the main battery dies, you have to switch the batteries around.  It would have been nice to have both batteries available for power.  Again not a huge deal and it’s really not hard to change batteries, but just another note.

If your looking for a great battery powered lawnmower, the Craftsman is a great buy.  If your looking for a battery powered outdoor system that has a string trimmer, blower, mower and other items, well I am really not sure.  We only tested the lawnmower and can only speak about the mower.  I am not sure how well the other items are built or how well they function.  The only line I can truly speak about is the EGO as I have been using the full line since last year and all the tools in that line are great.



  1. Nice write up Eric, I’m super surprised at how well this mower did in ur guys review I’ve been really iffy on the craftsman brand for while now.T.I.A#1!!

  2. I’m not surprised there’s no lever to stow it, I use an electric craftsman mower and trimmer (got it on kijiji for $80 5 years ago. it’s been a good deal) and I have to unscrew and collapse the handle. But I’ve put the thing through hell and it’s still fantastic. I’d probably stick with craftsman regardless of how you reviewed it but mine shows no sign of retirement yet.

    not gonna lie, the milwaukee temperature gun made me write this review but I originally thought this same thing when I first read the article anyway.
    keep up the good work guys


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