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When it comes to exhaust systems, there are some pretty popular names out there, and a lot of different places to get these systems.  So when I bought my truck and knew I wanted an exhaust system, I had to do some research. I figured I might as well share my experience and hopefully make it easier for you in case you are in the same situation. So let’s jump into the Corsa Sport Dual Exhaust.

I have owned a Ford F150 since 2012. Recently I had been having a lot of problems with the truck. A lot of research helped determined it wasn’t worth dumping more money into it, so I decided to buy a new Ford F150 LTX.  Before I owned my 2012 Ford, I had a 2003 GMC that had a 4.8 V8 engine which was awesome.  I remember when I bought the truck I was at the dealer and heard a dual exhaust and instantly knew I needed it.  So I had the dealer install a Corsa dual exhaust, which sounded incredible and held up strong for all the years I owned the GMC.  I ended up having kids and had to sell the GMC and go with the Ford because it had bigger back seats. I went with the Ecoboost which was a 6-cylinder.  I never liked the sound of an exhaust on a 6-cylinder so I left the factory exhaust for the next 12 years.  So now let’s jump back into 2024 and the new truck.

Corsa Sport Dual Exhaust

As I said, I went back and bought a Ford F150 but this time I went with the 5L V8 which is the Coyote engine.  The first thing I knew I wanted for the truck was dual exhaust.  Since I had a great experience with Corsa, that was what I really wanted to install but I still looked around.  After a bunch of research, I ended up going with the Corsa because, for me, I thought it had the best sound.  I liked the Stainless Steel and I also had a great experience with Corsa in the past.

Now I am not saying the stock exhaust is bad because it actually has a great sound, I just wanted more.

My problem was that Corsa offers both a Sport and Extreme model.  When you go online to hear the difference, it’s hard to tell because it’s just noise coming through the speakers.  So I ended up calling Corsa.  Someone answered the phone right away and answered all my questions.  After they informed me that the Sport was what I had on my old truck, I decided to go with the Sport.  Again, this was just another reason to go with Corsa.  Anyone who has great customer service, well that is a business I want to spend with because if I ever have a problem, I know there is someone on the other end to help me out.


I looked around at different online places and came across RealTruck.  There were a couple of things that stood out to me and kept me on the page and looking to buy from them. First was the price.  For the pipes, the price is the same throughout the internet so my guess is Corsa makes sure everyone is selling for the same price.

But some of the things I liked were right at the top of the page, I saw their phone number.  I can not tell you how frustrating it is to deal with a business that only communicates through email or even chat.  When I saw the phone number, I had to say I was sold.  However I still had to verify, so I called.  When I called there were easy-to-follow prompts, I was quickly connected to a rep. I could tell right away it was in the USA and with the company.  The person was able to answer all my questions and even provide more detail to help with my decision-making.

The next thing that I liked about RealTruck was its website.  It was easy to follow and navigate.  Best of all, I entered my truck information on the website and it showed me relevant products.  I wasn’t forced to keep putting in my truck information over and over again like other websites.

So in the end I went with RealTruck because of the services and ease of the website.  Plus they offer a lot of different products.

Here is the link to Corsa in case you want to check it out.  You will have to change the truck information and pick the correct options, but this will help you get started.


So here is the stock exhaust system

and here is the Corsa exhaust system.

I decided to install it myself, well let me just say Dan installed it, I just watched.  So here is something to note about installation.  The included directions are bad.  They are hard to follow.  Now it’s not too complicated to install an exhaust but here are some things with the hangers that you might need clarification on, and the directions aren’t that great.

Taking off the old system was easy and Dan was able to do it by himself.  Installing the new system was also easy, even with the bad directions.  The whole process took about two hours but we stopped here and there so it wasn’t a straight two hours.

There really isn’t too much to get into the install that caught us off guard but I would look through the directions or watch a video on the install first.


So here is the deal, you can not talk about sounds, it’s something you have to hear so I will keep this short because even listening to sound over your computer speakers doesn’t do it justice.  I was worried because some people said the Sport was too quiet.

If you are looking for a good deep sound that is not annoying or extremely loud, Sport is the way to go.  There is very little cabin noise but when you get on the gas, it has some pop and will turn heads.  But if you are the guy who wants it to scream, the Sport might not be for you.

At cold start up it has some noise until the RPM settles down, but it sounds great at start-up.  If you are driving around with the normal throttle, it has a small rumble that is not overpowering, and at cruising speeds, there is little or no drone noise.  When you get on the throttle, at least halfway down, that is when this exhaust comes alive and sounds awesome.  I hear a lot of trucks by us but nothing sounds this good.

So what I like about this exhaust besides the quality, is when I want to just cruise, the noise isn’t overwhelming.  But when I get on it, it comes alive and sounds like no other.

Final Thoughts

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.  The Corsa was easy to install, sounds great, and dealing with RealTruck was easy.  Again, I really didn’t shop around too much because while I like getting the best price, I am more about getting customer service.  In the end, the price was the same all around, so the deal breaker was easily the customer service.

If you have a truck and looking for parts, check out


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