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Light Bulb

If you have kids, holiday parties or for the person who likes novelty items, this is a pretty cool item.  This is the Coidak E27 12W 2.4G Wireless RGBW LED Light Color Changing Lamp Bulb with Remote Controller.  Now I am not saying this cool little light is going to change your world, but it could change the way you see things.

A while back we showed you a cube that changed colors.  It was a simple white cube, with a remote and it would change colors.  While the item was expensive, I have to say my kids love it and I have ended up using it more than I ever thought.  During Halloween, we kept it on Orange. During Christmas, I keep it on green or even red.  While the cube isn’t really practical for anything, it is pretty cool.  The Coidak is pretty much the same thing, except it is in a light bulb version, which does have it’s pro’s and con’s.

This is something I would recommend if you have kids or like to decorate your house during the holidays.  My kids love this light and for a price tag of $17, it’s not going to break the bank.


  • Since it is a light bulb, you don’t need any external power to run the light.
  • The remote works from a pretty good distance.
  • Multiple Light Functions
  • There is a white light function if you don’t want colors.
  • Will remember your last setting.  So if you turn off the light, the next time it will be the same color.
  • Price tag not too bad


  • While the light is bright, my guess is it is only about equivalent to a 40 or 60 watt bulb.  Personally I like 100 watt LED bulbs.
  • Can’t be used in any wet environments.  You can use outside if you have a sealed fixture.
  • When installed under a glass lid (such as a ceiling fan cover), the white light is very dim.

Again, this is a novelty item, but for $17, it’s a pretty cool novelty item.  My kids love it and have a lot of fun with it.  Having the remote option and being able to control multiple lights with one remote is pretty cool.  I like the fact you can dim each color setting, plus program it for your own settings.  I will end up buying a bunch more of these for Christmas presents.  Check it out on Amazon, a lot of people are raving about the light.

buyamazon1Coidak LED Light Color Changing Bulb


  1. These are cool. They would lite up a party. I could already see the kids entertained in the basement dancing around. As well I like a 100 watt light bulbs, but not everything goes my way.

  2. I have a cheaper version of this, ended up pulling it out of my lamp, the feature i liked was the dimmability of the bulb, if you just want a dull light on in a room. I ended up giving it to my niece.

  3. These are a nice priced little conversation piece. I wouldn’t mind having a couple of them for special occasions, nice find Eric.


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