Channellock E-Series


Channellock has been around for a long time and makes some great hand tools.  Just about everyone owns at least one product from Channellock.  They are quality and last.  Channellock just came out with their new E-Series.

The E-Series is a line of combination, long and bent nose, and diagonal cutting pliers.  So what’s so special about the E-Series?  First they are a sleeker looking tool, but there is a more important benefit and that is called Xtreme Leverage Technology or XLT.  Basically this means the new E-Series positions the rivet closer to the pliers head so that considerably less force is required to make clean, accurate cuts.   This makes it great for those tight spaces, while keeping precision in mind.  This new design makes it great for machinists, aerospace technicians, engineers and auto mechanics, not to mention DIYers who are looking for pliers with a smaller profile for work around the house.

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If your in the line for some new pliers, check out the E-Series by Channellock




  1. Great writeup Eric! It seems like its the little things that make the difference like moving the rivot. You can never go wrong with Channellock, i wish Lowes was not getting rid of them…. Keep up t great work!!

  2. Nice update to the line. The Germans figured this out years ago. Channellock is certainly my plier of choice, glad to see they’re adapting.


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