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In an overcrowded world of power tools, who makes the best power tools?  Which power tool is right for you?  What power tool manufacturer should you invest in for the long run?  These are all question that you can get answered at Tools in Action.  Technology is changing every minute and tool companies are embracing new technologies to make power tools better each and every day.  Tools in Action reviews the newest power tools in the marketplace and we report back to you.  Our Power Tool Reviews cover every aspect of a tool and we report back to you how the tool performs.  We let you know if the new tool is worth the upgrade and worth buying or just a simple way for a manufacturer to update an old tool and make a little money.  Don’t forget to check out our Power Tool Guides for valuable research before you buy a tool.  If you want to see how tools perform against each other, take a look at the Power Tool Comparisons section.  Check out Tools in Action Power Tool Reviews and stay up-to-date on new tools from around the industry.

Dewalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

When it comes to circular saws, I use to always grab the 7-1/4".  It was powerful and just my go-to saw.  Now it's still...
Hilti Cordless Cut Off Saw

Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw – The Nuron Way

When it comes to concrete, Hilti is the leader in the power tool world.  In fact, the new 22V Nuron platform makes them stand...
Hilti Nuron SID 6-22 Impact Driver

Hilti Nuron Impact Driver – SID 6-22

If you have been following us for a while, you know Hilti is one of my favorite tool brands. They have always been an...
Ridgid Cooler


There are only a few things in this world where the "form follows function" rule applies more than it does for coolers. My spouse...
Dewalt Cordless Compressor

DeWALT Cordless Compressor

You will rarely hear me complain about DeWALT. They manufacture outstanding products that are durable and reliable. My only complaint lately has been that...
Bosch Cordless Sander

Bosch Cordless Sander

Wow, I am sitting here and don't know where to begin.  Do I talk about how Bosch is one of my favorite tool companies...