Here at Tools in Action, we cover lots of tools and accessories.  Today we are going to show you some bucket grips we’ve come to like. They are creatively called “BucketGrips”, and help you more comfortably utilize and carry large buckets and similar containers with more ease and convenience than the familiar built-in grips or handles on most buckets.  If you’ve ever lifted a heavy bucket with its very slim handle, you know how the grip feels – like it wants to cut through your hand.  BucketGrips can reduce this kind of discomfort with attachable grips that make life a lot easier for your hands and your mood.

BucketGrips Overview

Typically, 5-gallon buckets have a wire swivel handle. And every other “bucket grip” accessory we’ve come across goes on that wire handle to make it more comfortable. That’s good enough most of the time, but there are those situations when you need to tip, pour, or carry the bucket from a different angle or leverage point than the swivel handle allows. BucketGrips attach to the sides of your bucket, providing more even weight distribution when you are carrying the bucket, but also prove to be very convenient when you need to tip or pour the bucket.

BucketGrips Features

From handling the BucketGrips, I can tell they are made of high-quality solid plastic that won’t bend or break under heavy loads. They feel thick and sturdy in your hands, and the finger grooves offer a more secure grip. When not in use, they clip together for convenient storage.

Bucket Grips

Built-in bucket handles are nice, but sometimes you need a different grip or “angle of attack” for manipulating a cumbersome bucket.

BucketGrips are easy to install and lock securely in place in the bucket’s ridges.

As you can see here, after installation you can easily carry the bucket with two hands or even with a partner if the bucket is especially heavy.

BucketGrips Performance

“Just clip them to the sides to evenly distribute the weight and make it easier to carry when the wire handle just won’t do!” These grips are easy to clip on and remove on most top-ridged 2, 3, and 5-gallon buckets.  They are very lightweight, and the strong plastic material being heavily ridged and partly hollowed out makes them feel solid and sturdy in your hands.

BucketGrips Value

You can “grab” a set on Amazon for $10.95, they are well worth the price.  IMO, a very low investment for something so handy.

BucketGrips Wrap Up

This is a simple, relatively low-tech idea that is very well executed, and “BucketGrips are proudly made in the USA”, which we always love to hear.  Granted, accessory grips won’t be needed by everyone, but are a great accessory for handling heavy and cumbersome 5-gallon buckets full of stuff.  Again, the BucketGrips are built solid and stay in place. Definitely worth the cost with no notable downsides as far as we can tell.


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