Briggs & Stratton Ethanol-Free Gas


This is just a quick post to let you know that Briggs & Stratton have canned fuel.  I am not sure how long it’s been on the market because this was really the first time I have heard about the fuel.  As with other manufacturers on the market, Briggs & Stratton canned fuel contains no Ethanol.  Ethanol is what gums up carbs, causes small engines to run rough and also can degrade if not used quickly.  With Ethanol free gas you don’t have to worry about those problems and also it has a shelf life of 2 years.  They sell the canned fuel in a straight gas and also a mixture of 50-1 and 40-1, so you don’t have to worry about mixing gas.  As a quick note they also offer fuel stabilizer and a tune up kit for your small engines.  The tune up kit is cool because you get everything you need to tune up your small engine in one package instead of having to shop around and try to find all the proper parts.

While I love the Brigss & Stratton canned fuel, I do have one complaint about the fuel.  You have to buy it at a Briggs & Stratton authorized dealer, which means you can’t get it at your local Home Depot store, Menards or Lowes store.  To find a store near you, check out Briggs & Stratton canned gas



  1. i do not see the difference from trufuel and Briggs & Stratton formula of ethanol free gas. the only reason to buy Briggs & Stratton is for the name.

  2. I wonder if they charge a premium on top of the 10,000% premium for “pre-bottled” gas. The other stuff I’ve seen comes out to about $75/gallon. So…friggin’…stupid.


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