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lowes metabo This is a win win for both companies Lowes gains a pro grade tool brand and Metabo gets better distribution access in America. If you have seen the reviews Dan and Eric shot of Metabo tools they have amazing performance, but the lack of easy access of buying the tools was a big limitation that prevented people from buying Metabo tools. Now with this arrangement, buying tools from Metabo will be a much easier process. I wonder if we could possibly see Metabo tools on Lowes store shelves in the future. Lowes is a bit handicapped when it comes to Power brands now that Home Depot carries Makita, Milwaukee, and Ridgid exclusively. Lowes does not have the same depth of choices like Home Depot currently has.  This would be a great step forward to balance things out for the consumer. Click here to go to and Check out the Metabo selection


  1. My local Home Depot doesn’t keep Bosch tools on their selves anymore. Can only be purchased thu them online just like hilti and Panasonic tools

    • The Home Depot closest to me only carries a few Bosch tools like the rotary hammers and corded jigsaws. Now if I go to the next closest store to me they are like Bosch land they have a whole Bosch display that used to be where Hilti used to be setup. I don’t know if people knew that but Hilti used to have like mini stores setup up in bigger higher volume Home Depot stores. It’s weird all these store exclusivity deals that is the norm now. Dewalt is pretty much the only brand where you can walk in an buy a Dewalt tool anywhere.

      • Jason around the area where I live there are also tons of Sutherlands and they carry Milwaukee, dewalt, Bosch and porter cable power tools and the closets menards is an hour away; wish it was closer. What’s your take on menards or northern tool?

    • That would be really cool. I don’t know if it would happen Festool has definably gained in popularity over the years the problem it is still very expensive. Don’t get me wrong you get what you pay for.

    • That is weird they have the other cordless 18 volt tools but they don’t have a drill or impact driver listed maybe they are waiting on the new brushless models from Metabo.

  2. Jason I saw this while browsing thru Lowes power tools section this past weekend. I have always been a guy who likes to feel the power tools I’m going to purchase, except if I’m familiar with the tool brand. I do hope they do bring these to the shelfs to get my hands on this much talked about power tool brand. I do also agree that HD has the power tool market by the you know what. Wonder why? Laters Jason & TIA

    • The only good thing is that big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes tend to have very liberal return policies as long as you have proof of purchase its usually 90 days except on anything gas powered. I get what you mean it is nice to get a feel of something before you buy it, its still a lot of money you have to tie up in something you might not like. Even now the Home Depot near me still only stocks the M18 fuel drill and Impact driver. The really don’t want to spend any money in inventory anymore at the local stores unless the store has high enough volumes to justify it.

  3. Good find Jason. This will really help out Lowe’s. Lowe’s is a good store, too bad they don’t have the tool selection like home depot

    • It’s not like Bosch and Dewalt are bad brands at all. I’m sorry but I don’t know why but I don’t consider Hitachi a big player in cordless tools. The other thing their Kobalt in house brand there is nothing wrong with it I don’t think it will ever take off like Home Depot’s Ridgid. The other thing is the new Porter Cable 20v tools might be really good even better quality than Ryobi, the prices are not nearly as good as Ryobi nor do you have the same amount of tools on the Ryobi platform. Ryobi is a great for diy people to contractors. If I was a contractor and had employees I would keep the Milwaukee Fuel stuff for my self, and let them use Ryobi unless I can trust them to not beat on the tools. The other big problem is bigger job sites tools can grow legs and walk away I hope everyone is insured against theft, but it still sucks being out thousands of dollars of tools Ryobi just doesn’t scream steal compared to the bigger “pro” brands, and if it does break you have a pretty good warranty 3 years, but even better you can walk into any Home Depot and buy a replacement for under 100 bucks for most of their tools. The other nice thing with Ryobi is the holiday battery sales I don’t know any other brand that will even come close to the 99 dollar 2 4.0ah pack deal that Home Depot and Ryobi does during the big tool buying holidays. Wow this reply got longer than I expected.

      • Last year during the holidays I saw 99 dollar packs of dewalt 20 volt 3.0ah x2 batteries at Home Depot

      • If lowes could get Milwaukee tools on their shelves then I would never have to go to Home Depot again
        . That’s the only reason that I ever go there.

  4. Great , Metabo are a great line . I used to use them a lot until I switched to Hilti ( at the time they had better dealer support , not to mention the little red trucks ) . Their hi powered corded hammers are among the safest I’ve worked with .


  5. Sorry I couldn’t reply to your comment you posted earlier directly Cody, but I don’t have any experience with Northern Tool and very little with Menards they are building a store close to my house now, but before that the store wasn’t very close at all. I can’t really give an opinion then.


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