Bradly BMP21-PLUS Label Printer

Bradly Label Maker

I am an organizational freak.  If something is out of place, I am lost.  Which is funny because Dan and I are complete opposites.  Just look at our garages and you will see what I mean.  However, when it comes to label makers, we are both in the same boat.  We want something that is easy, tough and allows us to put labels on our tool box drawers.

Bradly Label Maker

Recently we discovered a company called Bradly, which obviously they make label makers.  We saw one that caught our eye, the BMP21-Plus.  The label maker looked tough and looked like it had a ton of features, so we knew this was something we had to try and let you guys know about.  This label maker is tough on the outside and smart on the inside, sorry I stole that from Bradly, but it’s fitting.

As you can see, this label maker is designed a little different than other label makers on the market.  This label maker is protected by a nice rubberized padding around the areas that would be susceptible to drops points.  So who is this label maker designed for?  Well, pretty much anyone.  With a price point of about $99, it’s hard to beat.  While everyone could use this tool, it would really be beneficial to people in technology for marking cables, electricians to mark breakers or boxes, facility managers, bar code labeling and the list goes on.  The reason being is you can perform so many different types of labels with this machine.

This label maker features a smart automatic formatting system so you don’t have to worry about printing a label that looks like junk or half the words are cut off.  Besides just printing text you can print cable flags and various symbols. While the system comes with one free printer label roll, you can buy additional rolls that fit your needs that are designed for your industry.

The one thing I would have liked to see different is the keyboard.  This keyboard has an ABC layout instead of the QWERTY keyboard.  Now it seems that most label makers have this layout so not a huge deal.

Bradly Label Maker Specification

  • Bar Code Type – 39 and 128
  • Color Capability – Single Color Printing
  • Max Label Width – 0.750″
  • Max Labels Per Day – 100 labels/day
  • Power Supply – 6 alkaline AA batteries
  • Print Technology – Thermal Transfer
  • Print Resolution – 203 dpi
  • Text Sizes – 6 (6 to 40 point font)
  • Max Roll Length – 21′
  • Memory – Last label
  • Display – LCD
  • Keyboard – ABC
  • Multi-Line Print – Yes
  • Warranty – 24 Months
  • Weight – 1.66 lbs



  1. Yeah, I hate the “ABC” type of keyboards the “Qwerty” are much easier to use and more familiar if you do any typing at all and who doesn’t? Nice find Eric.

  2. Mine quit mid job, low printing time on this unit. Generated a ERROR when printing.
    Brady doesn’t service these, they tell you to purchase a new one.


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