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Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review

Except for the Tower of Pisa, we expect things to be level in our world.  Our floors, our buildings or sidewalks, and even our pictures should have some level of straightness.  A level is probably one of the most overlooked tools in the world but having the wrong tool can have one of the biggest impacts on the final output.  Today we’re not covering levels, instead, we are covering cross line laser which is an extension of a level.  So let’s jump into our Bosch VISIMAX lasers Review.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review Overview

Bosch is known for a lot of their quality products such as concrete tools, LDM, cordless tools and more.  One tool I think is overlooked is their cross line lasers.  When it comes to a laser, Bosch is a dominant player in the power tool manufacturer world.  Along with CST Berger, Bosch makes quality lasers that are designed for the rough environment of a job site.

I am not saying there aren’t other companies that make great cross line lasers also, but for the price and the quality, Bosch is hard to beat.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review VISIMAX

Before I jump into the cross line lasers, I want to quickly touch on the Bosch VISIMAX.  Being in this industry, we tend to hear marketing or sales terms to help sell products.  At first, that is what I thought VISIMAX was, but after a little research, I realized VISIMAX is a unique and important solution for the Bosch Cross line Lasers.  So what is VISIMAX?

Bosch has 6 lasers with the VISIMAX technology but today we are covering the crossline lasers.  Down the road, we will cover the 360° line lasers as those are awesome and probably my favorite in the market.

Without getting too technical about lasers, there are different classes of lasers and it’s one of those technologies that you can either buy junk or quality.  The problem is because the technology is inside the tool, you never really know what your getting.  For me, I use to think a laser was just a laser, but over the years, I realized that isn’t the case.

The VISIMAX solves three problems with lasers.  First is brightness.  Not all lasers are bright.  With VISIMAX, the laser is designed to give maximum beam brightness for every condition.  This isn’t always easy to do with lasers since the more brightness you have, the quicker the batteries die and the quicker the DIodes degrade.

Second on the list is the system constantly monitors the temperature to protect the diodes from overheating.  So as the tool maximizes brightness, the tool also measures the temperature to make sure it doesn’t run too hot and ruin the diodes.

Number three on the list is it will automatically adjust the light to the brightest light possible.  Again, it saves the tool and also has a longer run time.

Now, these may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to lasers, this is a lot.  If you are in the market to buy a new laser, do your research and look around.  You will see just how complicated (From a manufacturer standpoint) these little tools can be.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review Features

Before I jump into each model, I figure I would cover what’s the same on all three models and that way I won’t repeat myself, repeat myself.

All three lasers come in a plastic case to protect the lasers when not in use.  The lasers sit in a plastic tray.  On the bottom side of the lid, there is a foam board glued to the bottom and that helps keep the lasers in place and protected.

The lasers use a slide switch which has three positions.  The three postions are

On the bottom of the laser is where you will find a tripod mount for both common threads.  Also, there are three small rubber feet that prevent the level from moving around on slippery surfaces.

The lasers are powered by 3 AA batteries which are included.

As noted above, all three lasers are cross line lasers with the ability to have a horizontal line, vertical line or both.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review GLL 55

The GLL 55 is the basic model which is a red laser.  Perfect for those only looking for a straight forward cross line laser.  The GLL 55 has a range of up to 50′ with an accuracy ±1/8 in @ 33 ft.  The level is self-leveling up to 4°.

On the front of the laser, you can see the battery status and if the laser is in the lock or unlock position.  Below are two buttons which allow the user to easily pick which line they want to show.  Press the vertical button once and the line will appear.  press it again and it will turn off.

The GLL 55 comes with a magnetic L-Mount.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review GLL 100 G

The Bosch GLL 100 G is similar to the GLL 55 except this laser has a green line and a range of 100′.  This also has an accuracy of +/- 1/8″ @ 33′ with self-leveling up to 4°.

The front looks and operates the same as the GLL 55 where a user can self which line they want to see along with the battery status and if the tool is unlocked or locked.

The GLL 100G also comes with a magnetic L-bracket, but it also comes with a ceiling grid clip.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review GCL 2-160

The Bosch GCL 2-160 is designed for those professionals who need a little more distance.  This laser also projects red lines and has a range of 65′ for you naked eye or if you have a Bosch receiver, you can get up to a distance of 165′.  As with the others, this has the same accuracy at 33′ with a self-leveling of up to 4°.

The front of this laser is a little different.  While it still shows the battery status and the lock and unlock, it also has a led indicator for pulse mode.   If you are using a receiver, you can push the pulse mode button and the laser will pulse which is detected by a receiver.  With the other two lasers, there is a single button for vertical and another for horizontal.  With the model, there is just a mode button and a user will have to toggle through which lines they want to project.

Another cool feature of this laser is this laser has the ability to project plum points which can be extremely handy.

The GCL 2-160 comes with two mounting brackets, the L-Mount and ceiling grid clip.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review Performance

I am not a cameraman and don’t claim to be one.  I tried my best to give you a realistic view of the lines through a camera lens.  There are slight differences because of the lens and everything is digital, but it’s not too far off.

Here is a line that is 25′ away from the lasers.  As you can see the green starts to become more dominant and easier to see.  I don’t think there is as much as contrast as you see in the picture, but with my eyes, I could see the green starting to be easier to see.

I tried to take a picture with the lights off and one with them on.  When the room is a little darker, each line is simple and easy to see.  As the room gets brighter, the green is easier to see.

This picture is about 2′ in front of the lasers.  This is hard to really see because of the angle of the camera.  right now the gree looks brighter, but as far as I am concerned, they were all bright and one didn’t stand out from the other.

Even on the ceiling is pretty easy to see.  Granite, the insulation is white so when it’s darker, it should be even easier to see the lines.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review Value

OK so they have some cool features, built to last and the VISIMAX really works, so what can you expect to pay for these?

Sure you can find cross line lasers for cheaper, but I don’t think they compare to the Bosch.  I am a huge fan of these lasers and a lot of the contractors we have seen over the years also talk highly about Bosch lasers.  Take a look at the online reviews and you will see these always get high praise.  So with all things considered, I think these are priced below what I would expect to pay.

Bosch VISIMAX Lasers Review Final Thoughts

For me, it’s hard to find anything to really talk bad about these lasers.  They are bright, easy to operate and project a nice visible line.  They do exactly what I would expect from a laser so what else could I ask for?

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