Bosch SGH182 18V Cordless Screw Gun – World Of Concrete 2015


Last week we went to World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Las Vegas isn’t what it used to be, but that’s for another time.  Bosch really had some exciting new tools that we will tell you about over the next few weeks.  Today we are going to talk about the new SGH182 Cordless screw gun.  They are not the first to market with this tool but they impressed us with run-time and ergonomics.

With the new 6.0 Ah battery that they announced at the show you can get up to 3500 screws on one charge.  You can also lock the tool on like its corded counterparts.  The tool has a separate auto-feed attachment that allows you to run any brands collated strips.  This tool screams production. The attachments easily just unplug for easy switch outs.  The tool also has a LED light which is not found on plugin counterparts.

Price Points:

Bare – $249

Kit Charger and 4.0 Ah battery – $349

Auto Feed Attachment – $99

The tool will be available end of March 2015. Check out the video below for more info.





  1. This drywall gun almost makes me want to take up the drywall trade. I just like how tiny it is my mind has been blown 🙂 I will never take up that trade as I can’t mud for crap, and hanging sheet rock will destroy your body over the long term.

    • At least with the current house I am working on, the hangers & mudder were separate crews. So just find your counterpart and you should be all set, then again hanging is a 2-3 man job usually.

  2. I have only used this drill for two weeks but I am very pleased. Having used off brand and Dewalt 18v drills for years I was suprised at its light weight. It was so light it scared me at first as it didn’t seem to be heavy enough to handle 1/2 inch drills and accessories. I was pleased though when I really pushed it to the limit and it did everything I asked of it. The torque settings seem to be lower than other drills but this has helped me keep from over torquing light screws and drilling jobs. Oh! did I mention that with the Amazon free shipping and Bosh discounts I paid much less than any other major brand 18v drill/driver? Over all I am very happy with the drill.

  3. i really want to buy that tool. a few stores already have that item for sale but i wait to buy it from HD or lowes – special financing, 10% off etc

  4. I really love this tool, it would make my work so much easy and fun. Now I have a DeWalt DCD985, and does not make thinks easier for me while talking about screws. The DeWalt drill is very versatile, I use it for almost every job I have and it has response my really well. I have to say that the battery charge last for quite a long time, which alows me not to be thinking constantly that the drill will turn down while I am in the middle of a project. Also, its grip is very confortable. By the other hand, it is too heavy to be used while you are on a stair, doing some work at height, and also to be used for a long time. Moreover, if I have a project that involves putting a lots of screws it usually takes me forever to end it, as I have to hold them still one by one. Overall, I would love to add this tool to my family! I think we will give it the use and care it deserves. Thank you guy for this opportunity, keep going on as you have, love your channel.


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