When is a Bully a Good Thing? How about when it is a Bosch Bulldog – RH228VC


RH228VCAre you in charge of buying tools for your job site?  Are you looking for some rotary hammers?  If so you have to read this.  Demolition tools are probably the most fun tools to use, but considering what they do, they can take a toll on your body over long periods of use.

Over the years we have been using the Bosch 11224VSR Rotary Hammer, well we think everyone has one.  Go on any job site and you will be sure to find this gem in full working mode.  The 11224VSR has been a workhorse and that is why when we had a chance to test drive the new Bulldog Extreme Max RH228VC, we jumped at the chance.  Okay, so what makes this new tool so special?

First is the vibration control and if we could sum it up in one word, we would probably use incredible.  One item that contributes to the vibration control is Bosch utilized a longer piston.  This longer piston creates a greater air cushion between the piston and the striker.  Bosch didn’t stop there, in fact they added an internal counter balance weight system which helps control the vibration even further.

Second is the speed and power of this tool.  We already know Bosch utilized a longer piston and impact bolt, but they combined it with a precision machined striker.  What does this all mean?  It means Bosch created a more efficient tool that is engineered for speed and power.  So in the end, you have a longer life tool.

I am sure by now you are wondering what some of the stats look like.  First, this tool utilizes a 1-1/8″ SDS plus and is powered by an 8 amp motor.  The tool puts out 2.4 ft lbs. of impact energy, have fun trying to find another tool in this class to compete with the Bosch.  In regards to some of the other features, if you have used an older version, then you should be happy Bosch included some of the great features such as Vario-lock, integral clutch and patented cord turret.  One important item to note is Bosch uses a metal gear cover to help protect the tool.  Not that this should be a surprise since we all know Bosch tools are some of the toughest tools on the market.  One cool feature we didn’t use is the built in Hammerhook which allows you to hang the tool.  Even though we didn’t use that feature, we could see how this would be extremely useful for the guy who is on a ladder drilling through a firewall and needs to set the hammer down.  He can easily just hang it from a nearby pipe.  Obviously that is just one scenario and we could think of plenty of more, but we will leave that up to you.

We had the chance to use this hammer for a couple different jobs.  We know this  tool can drill holes and more, but we really wanted to test the new vibration control system.  We had a small bathroom that was built in the 50’s or 60’s.  There was about 2″ of mortar along with wire mesh that was nailed to the subfloor and also embedded in the mortar.  We figured this was a perfect application since a sledge hammer didn’t work well and we could’t get a tool underneath and lift up a little to bust up the floor.  The hammer worked like Bosch claims.  The vibrations were very little, yes you can feel it, but not like other tools we have used.  In no time we had the floor ripped out and cleaned up.  In fact we can’t wait to use it on another job and throw some more stuff at the Extreme.

Now if you are the guy in charge of buying tools for the job, you have to take a look at the new RH228VC.  We are pretty sure you have used some of the older models and had great experiences with them.  We know what you’re thinking.  How does it compare to Hilti?  First, when it comes to the Rotary Hammer we would like to say Hilti who?  I used to be a laborer for a large construction firm and worked in new and old commercial skyscrapers.  All of our tools were job bought.  We had a lot of different manufacturers represented on each job, but a lot of Bosch and Hilti, so I have had a lot of time with Hilti tools.  Now we didn’t have a Hilti on hand to try, but from the times I remember using the Hilti, Bosch smokes it with their new vibration control.

We are not knocking Hilti as they make some great tools.  But hands down this smokes the competition.  Give a laborer this Bosch Rotary Hammer and I will show you a laborer who is willing to work harder and can handle more time behind the tool without experiencing the fatigue factor.

If you want more speed, more power, but less vibration, you are crazy not to go with the Bosch Bulldog Extreme Max Rotary Hammer

Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer Includes

  • Rotary Hammer
  • Case
  • Auxiliary Handle with Depth Gauge


Tool – 1 Year






  1. I’ve got the Milwaukee D-Handle SDS Hammer. It’s a great tool, but if I had to use one every day I’d probably want the Bosch.

  2. i’d really love to know how hilti does side by side with bosch…. i have never used bosch, only hilti… so i am obviously biased – but it is probably helpful to compare them side by side 🙂


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