BOSCH ReaXX GTS1041A – Saw Stop Killer


We just wanted to give you guys a heads up and should have more info on Wednesday about this new revolutionary table saw that we saw at World of Concrete 2015.  It is basically a portable job site table saw that uses a flesh detecting technology.

If your flesh hits the blade it instantly stops and retracts.  All without destroying the blade, it uses an explosive cartridge.  Something they have taken from automotive airbags if I recall correctly.  The cartridge can be immediately spun around to put your saw back in action.  This keeps you working on the job site with all your fingers.  If you are clumsy like me you can activate the system 25 times before you need to take the saw in to a Bosch service center.

Look out for more coverage coming this week.


  1. Wow, now that would be a real boon to all wood workers and the hobby in general. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. What’s next elimination of all kick back?

  2. I’m curuos to see if Bosh’s technology is better at dealing with wet wood. I know Sawstop requires you to turn the system off so the system doesn’t enable when you are cutting wet wood. It’s a better bit problem is a lot of the pressure treated wood I have bought is shipped pretty wet from the saw mill. It really annoys me to be honest. I have some boards that warped so bad it was a WTF moment on what am I supposed to do with this banana board wood. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine is the poor quality wood we get now from the big box stores. I don’t have ton of lumber center options as the drive is so far away to be worth it, and they treat small guys like me like crap which is super annoying. Well Menards is opening up soon they might be a better place to buy lumber, but who really knows.

  3. I hope these will be affordable someday, a big chunk of change to reset after the aluminum arm is trashed from stopping…$$$…lmao
    Sure would be nice though.


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