Bosch MXH180 Cordless Oscillating Tool Review


In my personal opinion, Bosch makes one of the best oscillating tools around. I have been using the Bosch Corded Oscillating tool MX30EC-21 for a while and love it.  The tool is powerful, low vibrations, easy to work with and can change blades in no time.  The MX30EC-21 is a real workhorse.  Bosch knows they have a winner with this tool, so they decided to take it one step further with the first brushless oscillating tool, the MXH180.  If you put these two tools next to each other, they look identical, except one has a cord and one has a battery.

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Bosch MXH180 Cordless Oscillating Tool Overview

The MXH180 is powered by an 18V battery and has an opm of 8,000-20,000. On the back of the tool, the user can move a dial switch to adjust the oscillations per minute.  The tool is powered by a brushless motor which gives it more power and a longer run time than brushed versions of this tool.  If you’re familiar with the corded version, the locking system is identical.  You can lock the accessory in the tool in 12 different positions and you don’t need any tools.   Two very cool features to this tool are soft start and constant response.  The soft start is really nice because you don’t get that jerk when you initially turn the tool on.  The constant response is great because you don’t lose power.  When you are making a cut or sanding, the circuity will monitor the tool.  Instead of losing power, it will keep a constant speed.   As with the corded version, the rubberized grip makes this tool comfortable to use.  This one also has the same ribs on the front which are no-mar to help protect your work and not damage anything.

Now I can’t claim I have used this as much as the corded version, but I do have some time on this tool.  The soft start is great, no worries about having your hand or arm jerk when the tool is turned on.  The constant response feature makes this tool great.

We released the video before this article.  One knock I have seen so far is people saying it looks bulky.  Compared to the corded version, it  is roughly the same size, a little bigger.  On the back of the tool, there is more flare because of the battery.  For me, this tool isn’t bulky.  I am not sure if I am so use to using the corded version, but this tool just feels nice in your hands.  I think watching it in the video, it might appear more bulky than it really is.  The tool is only a little over a foot long and weighs a little over 4 lbs., which includes the battery.

amazon   Bosch Bosch Bare-Tool MXH180BL 18-Volt Brushless Oscillating Tool Kit

Overall if you are looking for a cordless oscillating tool, this is it.  The tool is powerful, low vibrations and very easy to work with.  The tool-less blade change is awesome.  Easy to change a blade or sanding pad.  Once the accessory is on the tool, it stays there, no matter how much pressure you put on the tool.  The soft start and constant response makes this one smooth oscillating tool.


    • It’s longer than the 12V or at least it seems, but again it depends in the application. If your going to be using this tool a lot and for longer periods of time, I would go with a this corded version. But its great for application such as putting in hardwood floors and cutting down trim etc.

  1. Nice review guys 🙂 did you use the new bosch blade ? I realy like the tool less blade system looks alot better then the dewalt to bad i dont have any 18v bosch tools 🙁 cant wait for the tool fight and Dan dont forget blades are for cutting

  2. Great writeup Eric! I think this is one of the best multi tool quick change systems because you can use almost any blade type, vs. the dewalt where you can only use dewalts blades. I think that is an interesting position for the battery, I have never seen one in that position. The soft start must be great! I would like to see a paddle switch option! Keep up the great work!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! if i wasnt waiting for the milwaukee fuel, i would go out and buy the bosch, truly amazing.

    just wondering what was the blades that you used in those video’s???

    from your mate down under boys

  4. I use the 12v on a regular basis and while it’s a pretty good tool, it burns through batteries fairly quickly (have to have 3 1.3ah so I always have one in use, charging and back up) and doesn’t cut nearly as well as the 18v in the video. May have to sell 12v and pick up this one.

  5. I just bought the 12v Bosch Oscillating tool, love it!! Plenty of power, but my only grip is that the battery doesn’t last too long, I wish they would make an XE large capacity battery like Milwaukee.

  6. Eric–Nice review on this tool. As you point out, the corded version is perhaps better suited for bigger jobs owing to battery limitations. They just get better with each new iteration. The drawbacks with this type of tool are the high-pitched whine and vibration when they’re running, the same as with Dremel tools. I have a 2.5 amp PC unit (corded) and like it a lot. I can work at a job as long as my wrists and arms will hold out.

    Oh, and thank Dan for taking one for the team early on; it’s a graphic reminder not to take your tools for granted when you use them (especially the ones with sharp blades). Face shields, hard hats, ear muffs, dust masks and work gloves all came about for a reason.

  7. bosh makes good spark plugs to..fusion plugs.
    been in my truck last 30.000 miles.plugs rock.
    multitool to me milwaukee 12 volt one is
    best in my opinion because of weight,noise,
    vibration..12 volt one is less…abused it
    to no end..still runs quick change
    on milwaukee…live with it…change blade pretty
    fast without quickchange….have adapters to use
    dremel, craftsman other blades…nothing found
    in use where i would have to go bigger multitool.
    6 red 12 volts..go .go..bosh is best ..not for
    me…milwaukee sold me on multitool .use one
    upsidedown under a cabinet for 45 min..weight
    being lower sold me on milwaukee multitool long
    ago.bosh seems to bulky for cordless tool.use
    something that big ..might as well use corded
    multitool…my 2 cents…good review as always.cheers


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