Bosch L-Boxx-3D and L-Boxx 2 with foam Added the Ultimate Tool Bag 2 Giveaway


We are roughly 2 weeks away from the Ultimate Tool Bag Give Away 2.   Bosch has sweetened the pot with the addition of a Bosch L-Boxx-3D and L-Boxx 2 with foam.

L-BOXX-2 L-Boxx 2 Storage Case
L-BOXX-3D Medium tool storage


The new 3D has slide out drawers that you can customize up to 5 ways.  It clicks and stacks just like any other L-Boxx.  Check out our L-Boxx review and be sure to visit and check out Bosch’s YouTube channel.  For more details take a look at our Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 2 page.


  1. Its will be perfect if its come with Ball bearing slides drawers , its can use as portable mechanic tool box in car

  2. Wow! How cool! So many great tools! I have been really needing great tool storage like that. But I’m sure we all could use great storage like the Bosch L-Boxx.

  3. Awesome addition. I actually bought an L-BOXX 3D recently, I like it. The top portion is sized like an L-BOXX 2. The drawers are sold separately, but that makes them customizable. I went with the deep open drawer and the i-BOXX 53 organizer drawer.

  4. I’m digging the Bosch storage systems but I’ve never been a fan of their tools. I still might invest in some of these.

    Nice article.

  5. I just invested in quite a few l-boxxes myself (including the 3d) and am pleased so far! I have been trying to make kaizen foam insert, but it is more time consuming than I realized. Not hard to do, but I hate to not do it well the first time and then have all the time I used on it go to waste 🙁

  6. I just took a look at the lboxxes and they are tough. I thought they looked cool but thought the interior would be a bit cheap but after seeing in person they didnt dissapoint.


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