Bosch IDH182 Wireless Charging Kit added to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 5


We are 2 months away from the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 5.  Bosch has stepped up to the plate and added a IDH182 Impact driver.wrench with wireless charging technology.  The IDH182 is one of my favorite tools because of it’s 2 in one feature. Add the capability to just set it down and charge it and you have an awesome tool.

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  1. This is certainly one of the coolest innovations of late in the cordless market, but I am still not sure it is worth the upgrade for many people other than production line workers

  2. Very cool concept, but I don’t see how it will benefit jobsites. I see it more in line with workshops, set the drill down, get material, come back drill still fully charged. This will work great with my woodshop. I also don’t see myself going out & buying it just for the charging feature. Have to many drills 12v, 18v, 20v, to add another battery & charger option. Again very cool idea. Laters TIA

  3. Brilliant charging system will be great to wire into my van and have my impact charging between jobs ! Keep up the good videos tools in action


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