Bosch Grinder 1380 Slim


Well were doing another grinder, surprise, surprise.  However this is the most powerful grinder we have reviewed in along time.  It’s the Bosch 4-1/2″ grinder.  The model number is 1380 Slim.  I have a very old Bosch that I used for year, not even sure the model number of the grinder, but it was a workhorse.  I would still be using it if I didn’t have all these other grinders.

When you hear Bosch, you think quality.  They have produced some powerful and durable tools over their life span.  This grinder seems to fit into that category.  The Bosch has a nice feel and balance to the tool, something that is very important(Actually all the time).  The slim design makes this a great grinder.  Plus it only weighs 4.2 lbs.  Not that we recommend it, but you could use this with one hand and feel confident you won’t drop it or mess up your work.  Again we wouldn’t recommend it.  The motor is a 7.5 amp motor that produces 11,000 rpm’s .  Ok lets hit the pros and cons to this grinder.

Lets be the guy who has the half glass and start with the pro’s.  Again the power and balance are great.  Very easy to work with.  One thing I really like about this grinder is the easy access to the brushes.  Just a screw on the top and the bottom and you can replace both brushes.  The lock on switch is also a great feature.  You can run the tool with out finger fatigue by holding the switch on.  The direct air flow does seem to push a lot of the debris away from the tool, so it doesn’t get stuck in the motor.  This means less heat build up and a longer tool life.

Ok now the cons.  One thing I wish this grinder had was the ability to have the handle install on top of the grinder.  You can put it on the left or right side, but not the top.  The handle does tilt towards the front which Dan really doesn’t like.  I actually find it more comfortable and easier to control with this type of handle.  The next thing is the guard.  While the guard does protect the user, it does require the provided tool to change the angle of the guard.  Most manufactures are using a tool free guard adjustment, so we would like to see that happen with this grinder.  Sometimes you just need that little adjustment and with required a tool, we sometimes get lazy and that can increase safety issues.  Just food for thought.  Speaking of food, man I could go for a pepperoni pizza right now, but it’s midnight and don’t think anyone is open.  Plus I could slice it with my grinder.  Just joking, don’t try that at home.

The Bosch is great grinder and is the most powerful slim grinder we have tested so far.  The balance is great and very easy to control.  The powerful motor makes it idea for most applications.



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