Bosch Green Line Laser Review

Bosch Green Line Laser Review

When it comes to line lasers, Bosch is one of the leaders in the industry.  They are known for their accurate and high-quality lasers.  While some power tool manufacturers use cheap diodes, Bosch uses some of the best.  Their lasers are designed for the job site which means they are designed to take the daily abuse.  So how does the Bosch fair to what we expect from the Bosch lasers?  Let’s find out and dip into the Bosch Green Line Laser Review.


Now before we jump in, you might be asking yourself, doesn’t Bosch have a wide range of line lasers and didn’t you review the GGL 30 which is pretty much the same laser.  So the answer to the question is yes and no.

Yes, Bosch does have a wide range of line lasers.  The reason is they want to cater to a wide range of users. Some trades only need a single line while others might need a 360-degree line, plus plumb marks.  Some like red lasers and others want green.  So yes, they do offer a wide range of lasers so you can buy the exact one that fits your needs.

Is this the same as the GGL 30.  While they are similar, they do have differences so let’s take a look at the Bosch GLL40-20G.


Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewThe Bosch GLL40-20G has a working range of up to 40′ with an accuracy of ±5/16″ at 30′. The Bosch has VISIMAX technology which means it monitor power consumption and tool temperature to maximize line visibility while extending battery life.

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewThe GLL40-20G comes with the following items:

  • GLL40-20G Green-Beam Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser
  • MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device
  • Pouch
  • 2 – AA Batteries

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewThe laser offers two green lines, horizontal and vertical. Green lines are about 4X brighter than red lines.

The laser has a smart pendulum system which means it will self-level and will indicate if out of level.

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewWhile some of their lasers are powered by their 12V battery platform, the GLL40 is powered by two included AA batteries.

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewAll around the laser, there is rubber overmold that helps protect the housing and laser from drops and bumps.

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewOn the bottom of the laser, there is a 1/4-20 mounting thread.

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewThe pouch not only offers storage and protection when not in uses, but you can also attach it to your belt for easy access.


Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewI have to say, it doesn’t get any easier.  Just slide the switch on and start working with your line.  There really isn’t much to this laser.  It’s simple and straight forward.

We have used green laser lines over the last couple of years.  I have been using one on my house project.  For me, the green is much easier to see.  If the line is on a dark or light color, it’s easy to see.

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewThis is from about 35′ away.  While it might be hard to see in the picture, I can easily see it with my eyes.

Bosch Green Line Laser ReviewThe flexible mounting bracket provides rotating 360-degree neck and is very easy and quick to set up.  I like how you can use this on any surface from 1/2″ to 2-1/4″ thick.


The Bosch GLL40-20G retails for about $130 at The Home Depot.  Here is the deal.  You can get lasers for less and certainly for more.  A red line will cost far less but also less visible.  For a green line laser and the quality of Bosch, the $130 price tag is certainly a fair price.  If you depend upon laser on the job site, this is the way to go and worth the price.

Bosch Green Line Laser Review Final Thoughts

Overall, I am a huge fan of Bosch. I have used them on job sites and seen plenty of times where Bosch lasers have fallen or been dropped.  While they still work, they seem to take a beating and still be accurate.  While the green line is more money, it’s worth the extra cost if you are in the trades and need visibility.


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