Bosch GLM 35 & 40 Distance Measurement Tool


Bosch is known for a lot of innovative and useful tools.  One thing they are not only known for, but respected for are their full line of measuring tools.  While most companies try to compete against Bosch by releasing a one size fits all solution, Bosch takes a different approach.  Bosch realizes users are different, some people need all the bells and whistles and others need a simple measuring tool. So Bosch created a multiple line of measuring tools which brings us to the GLM 35 and GLM 40.  If you are looking for simple tools to use that does the common measurements, the 35 and 40 are perfect.

Both tools look the same, but there are a couple differences.  The GLM 35 has a range of 120′ while the GLM 40 has a range of 135′.  Both perform continuous measuring, area, distance, length, volume addition and subtraction.  However the GLM 40 has a 10 storage memory option.

Now we always try to find at least something wrong with the products we showoff, but for this pocket size measuring tool, well we just couldn’t find anything.  If you need a simple, compact measuring tool, the GLM 35 or 40 are ideal and a great buy for anyone.


Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure, 120-Feet

Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure, 135 Feet




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