Bosch GIM 120 – 48″ Digital Level

Bosch GIM 120

When it comes to levels and measuring, no one beats Bosch.  They have the quality, experience, reliability and accuracy that no one can top. Back in February we had a chance to take a look at some of their new measuring tools and the Bosch GIM 120 was one of these tools we saw first hand.  We get a ton of emails about which tools to buy.  As you know, there are a ton of manufacturers available and a lot of the tools are pretty much the same, so it can be hard to recommend one specific tool.  However that isn’t the case with levels and other measuring tools.  I always tell someone to buy Bosch, no question.  Now I know levels can be boring as they really don’t do much, well except for make the work more level, so I am going to jump in and tell you about the new Bosch GIM 120.  Trust me you will love this level.

First Bosch designed the Bosch GIM 120 with an aluminum body to help keep the weight low at only 1.5 lbs.   Not bad for a 48″ level.  The level is IP rated at 54, so as you know, Bosch makes tough tools, so this should hold up to whatever you can dish out.  Okay, so let’s talk about accuracy, since this is a level and that is probably one of the most important aspects of a level.  The Bosch GIM 120 has an accuracy at 0° or 90° is ±0.05°.  I  would have to say that is pretty darn good for a level.  Now that I got some of the important things out of the way, I really want to talk about why I think this is such a great level.

Besides being durable, lightweight and accurate, it has some features that puts this above all other levels.  First, is the display.  The display is very easy to read at any angle.  The numbers are big and bright.  The display screen is large and has a slight angle to it, so you can easily read the numbers if you are using it above your head or even standing over it.  The one thing I really noticed about this angle that I didn’t notice at the world of concrete was how fast it measures.  If you have used other digital levels in the past, you probably have noticed that there is a delay when you move the level.  Not with the Bosch.  The response time is pretty much spot on.  So when you move the level, the numbers change immediately.  I love this about the level.  No more messing around.  Another cool feature to this level is the display will automatically flip with the level, so you are not trying to read numbers upside down.  The screen shows much more than just numbers.  It will also show you the battery life that is left on the 4 AA batteries, plus it will show the user which way to raise or lower the level to get a level reading.  If you are not level, you will see a single arrow on each side of the display, one showing either up or down and the other arrow on the opposite side will show the opposite direction.  Very cool feature.  Again, the readings and arrows are instant, no delay.

Just below the screen, you will see 5 different buttons that lets the user change options.  The first button is an audible button.  You can turn on the beeps, which lets you know if you are level.  With a push of a button, you can turn off the sound.  Speaking of buttons, this is another huge plus to this level.  The buttons are quality buttons.  I know, it’s Bosch I wouldn’t expect anything different.  The buttons are very easy to press.  I have seen other levels where they are either hard to access or you have to push extremely hard to click the button to make a change.  The next button is how you want to view your readout.  You can view it as a percentage, ft/in or degree.  The middle button is the power button which will allow you to turn the power on or off.  The fourth button is a calibration button and the final button is a hold/copy button.  The hold/copy button makes it great if you want to transfer your work to other work areas, what a cool feature.  Just in case you are not always going to use the digital readout, Bosch designed this with two vials at one end of the level.  The vials are big and easy to read.  As far as I can see, these vials look like they are built well and protected from drops and more.  The end of the level has some nice rubber bumpers to assist with protection

Okay, let’s talk about the negatives to this level.  Well, I really can’t find anything wrong with it.  The level even comes with a carrying case and 4 AA batteries to get you started.  The case even has a spot to store more batteries or a small LDM.  I guess if I had to complain about one thing, that would be the rubber end caps.  You can remove them, but you do need a small screwdriver.  Again, it’s not a huge thing, but I do know some guys like to take them off when they are in a corner.  While you can remove them, it just might take a little time.  Again, that is really nit picking because there is so much to love about this level.  It’s one of the best levels I have seen.

Bosch GIM 120 Specification

  • Dimensions 49 x 1.06 x 2.3-in (1250 x 27 x 59 mm)
  • Material Aluminum
  • Length 24.0″
  • Accuracy Up to 0.05°
  • Weight 1.5lb
  • Battery Voltage 1.2
  • Includes Digital level, protective carrying case, (4) AA batteries

Again, when it comes to levels and other measuring tools, nothing beats Bosch.  They have the experience, quality, reliability and accuracy.  The Bosch GIM 120 isn’t any different.  The screen is very easy to read and I love how responsive the level is.  I love this level and you will to.



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