Bosch Floodlight Review

Bosch Floodlight Review

Bosch is known in the industry for making quality power tools.  Their 18V lineup is one of the most reliable platforms on the market.  While they don’t offer the largest lineup, they do have a ton of useful tools for daily use, such as the Bosch Floodlight.  So check out our Bosch Floodlight Review.

Bosch Floodlight Review – Features

There is a lot to love about this light, but a couple of items that stood out right away was the dimension of the light.  Yes, the light is powerful, but if you are familiar or use the traditional halogen floodlights, the Bosch floodlight is smaller.  Not only do you lose the cord by using the 18V battery and going cordless, but since it’s LED, you don’t get the heat build up like you do with the halogen.  So what does this all mean?  This is a great light to use in small spaces, as well as larger areas.

Bosch Floodlight Review

You can adjust the brightness as there are two settings, a high (1,900 lumens) and a low (1,000 lumens).

Bosch Floodlight Review

Two other notable features are the light sits on a swivel stand and you also have the option of mounting the light on a tripod as it provides a 5/8 in.-11 thread mount.

Bosch Floodlight Review – Performance

While it’s not the brightest light I have ever seen, for the size and weight (3.5 lbs.), it’s a great light for the class.  I am glad they designed this with an option to adjust the brightness because there are those times you don’t need such a bright light for your job.

The swivel stand is great.  As a user, you have so many different options on how you want to set up the light in order to get just the right amount of light on your work area. The swivel stands offer 120° adjustments.Bosch Floodlight Review

While I wasn’t sure if I would like the single LED design, I have to admit, it does a great job and really spreads the light.

Bosch Floodlight Review – Value

The light has a $99 price tag on Amazon.  If you already own Bosch tools and batteries, this is a great buy.  For $99 to have a robust light that actually works great is an awesome addition.  If you don’t have Bosch batteries, well it can be a little pricey since you have to buy a battery and charger.

Bosch Floodlight Review – Final Thoughts

Anyone looking for an alternative to the hot and delicate halogen floodlights, the Bosch Floodlight is a great option.  There are plenty of ways to set up the light.  The light is tough and will easily withstand the daily abuse of job sites.  The Bosch is a great Jobsite light.


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