Bosch Daredevil Framing Blade

Bosch Daredevil

Bosch has a new framing blade that hit the market in August of 2011 called the Daredevil.  The blade is a 7-1/4″ 24 tooth blade designed for superior precision and speed.  The blade is designed for ripping and cutting, framing, hence 24 tooth.

Bosch Daredevil Framing Blade


Bosch Daredevil Framing Blade Key Points

  • Triple Sharp Teeth – Smooth Cuts, Excellent Finish.  Sharpen on top and sides.
  • Control Cut Shoulders – Reduce Kickbacks
  • Speed Coat Finish – Less Friction and pitch build up
  • Expansion Slots – Control Blade Warp
  • Body Slots – Reduce Heat for True Running
  • Thin Kerf Design – Fast Cuts, Less Waste
  • Bosch C3 Micrograin Carbide – Stays Sharper Longer, Resists Impact Damage

We will be starting our basement project soon, so we will get some good use out of this blade.

We always like hearing from you, let us know what you think about this blade.  Is this a blade you will buy?  What is your favorite blade and why?

Bosch Daredevil


  1. Did you evaluate this blade? I just got one and it seems great, but don’t know how it compares to other blades. The spade bits are also interesting they have sharpened and curved sides which I assume means they cut more aggressively. Also, I heard that Bosch just came out with a version specifically for treated wood. Do you know anything about that?

  2. your add showing the 7and 1/4 inch daredevil blade in a bosch worm drive saw is misleading. the blade is in the saw backwards. teeth should be facing upwards.


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