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Okay, before we get started I wanted to make it clear Bosch didn’t pay us for this review, but we did get them to send us some blades.  Not long ago Dan was asking me what blades I used.  I told him it depends upon the tool. For table, miter or circular saws, I use Bosch or Diablo.  For Reciprocating saws I use either Milwaukee, Lenox or Bosch.  For Jig Saws and oscillating tools I pretty much stick with Bosch.  He ended up pointing out the obvious that I use Bosch as one of my major blades no matter which tool it is and he came up with the bright idea of doing an article on this.  Well he really wanted me to do the article and that’s why I am writing this.  I tried to talk my way out of doing this article as I told him I have no idea how to make blades, what makes good blades or anything else related to blades.  The only thing I know is that when I use Bosch blades, they tend to last longer and I seem like I am replacing them less often than other blades.  So here we are and here we go.

I used to think a blade was just a blade with a different color and different logo.  Well after using them for some time, I realized that wasn’t the case. In fact it’s amazing how many inquiries we get from China wanting us to try different blades.  A while back, just for kicks we had them send us a couple, they were no name circular saw blades.   Wow, what junk and that is when I realized there really is a big difference in blades.  I am not going to claim that I understand what makes one blade better, but I do know some companies such as Bosch dump a lot of money into trying to make the best blade around.  I am not talking about marketing, I am talking about design and manufacturing processes and it shows when you use a Bosch blade.

I was taking a wood floor out of a basement a month or two back.  I have to say when I was using my oscillating tool, I had the Bosch blades on and they did an awesome job.  Don’t get me wrong.  I did have to burn through blades, but not nearly what I have done with other manufacturers blades. For some reason the Bosch oscillating blades seem to last a lot longer.

One blade I use the most is miter, table and circular saw blades.  In fact if I get a new saw, I never use the manufacturer blade that comes with the tool.  I immediately replace the blade.  Funny thing is even when I got a Bosch saw, I didn’t put the standard blade on.  I replaced it with the Bosch Daredevil blade.  For some reason I love these blades.  They seem to last longer, give a better cut and just seem to be a nicer blade.

I guess what I am trying to say is if it’s time to replace a cutting blade, next time try a Bosch and let me know what you think.

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Bottom line, I am not really sure what makes one blade better than another.  I have tried to read between the lines when I research them on a manufacturers website and everyone claims they have the best blades. But to me there has to be differences between blades and for me Bosch has seemed to perform the best out of all the blades I have used.  Not knocking other blades as some are also good.  I am just saying in general, Bosch has never let me down.



  1. I agree when I come to cutting you can’t beat diablo or Bosch. Bosch for multi tool and jig saw but diablos for saws and trimmer bits stay shape all the time I haven’t changedy diablo blade on my droppie for 2 years because that diablo blade hasn’t died they are amazing

  2. Nice review and funny to ! Bosch and diablo are top blades but Milwaukee recip saw blades are the best have you tryed the diablo recip saw blades ?

  3. Hi Eric, I had got the Diablo blade and so did my dad and neither of us had cut wood with nails in it and mine is missing 6 teeth and it is an 18 tooth 5 3/8″ blade and my dad’s is missing 3 teeth and it is a 24 tooth 7 1/4″ blade so im not a fan of Diablo, what was it that you and dan didn’t like about dewalt’s precision framing blade but did like about the bosch daredevil? I got one of the dewalt precision framing blades for my dewalt worm drive and the bosch daredevil but have only used the dewalt blade and immediately took off the blade that came with the saw and never used it and just used the dewalt precision framing blade.

    • Wow that is weird your missing teeth on the Diablo blades. The Bosch and the Diablo just seem to cut much smoother and stay sharper longer. Do a bunch of cutting with the Dewalt blade and then throw on a Bosch, you will see the difference. Maybe not too much in straight cuts, except for the life span. If you end up cutting bevel cuts or other cuts, you will be able to tell the difference.


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