Bosch 12V LED Flashlight – FL12


This is something I have been looking forward to seeing first hand for a long time, the Bosch 12V LED Flashlight.  Now I am not going to sit here and say it’s the brightest light available, but for the size, this thing is bright.  What I like best about this light is the features.

As you can see by the pictures, this is compact which makes it perfect for tight jobs like under a sink or in a small closet.  There are 10 bright LED lights, so you can even use it in larger areas to help light up dark work environment.  You can even use this with a tripod to mount the light.  Bosch designed this light with a boat load of standing options.  You can lay the light on its side or stand it up either on the battery or other end.  The base swivels which allows you to set up the light in any possible direction.  If you want to hang the light on a pipe or something, the base acts like a carabiner where one side opens and you can clip it.  Still not enough options, there is a strong magnet so it will still to any metal in the area.

Bottom line this light is at the top of my list for best lighting on the market.  It’s compact, solid, bright and functional.  What else could you ask for in a light?

buyamazon1Bosch Bare Tool FL12 12-volt Max LED Cordless Work Light


  1. Had two of these for maybe eight months now and can easily say they’re the most versatile little broad beam LED or for that matter any similar lamps I’ve ever used. The stand. The lanyard. The size. And the little 10.4/12v Bosch batteries are fortunately something I’ve invested in for maybe the past 5 or 6 years. But realistically for an hour or two of use I’ve never lost a charge.

  2. This little light looks awesome. I like that it seems compact like my DeWalt 12v light, which I love & is my go to light. I recently got some 12v Bosch drill & impact drills (trade for another 12v line). Maybe this light will make a nice accessory ti this kit. Laters TIA


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