Bosch 12V Jig Saw Model JS120BN

Bosch JS120BN

As you know I am a huge fan of Bosch tools and believe they make one of the toughest tools around.  So when I heard Bosch was coming out with a new 12V Jig Saw, it was a tool I knew I needed to take a closer look at.  As you can see by the picture, this is a barrel style grip jig saw, which I tend to prefer.  Barrel grips just seem to have more control and are easier to maneuver around your work.

Like most 12V batteries, the Bosch doesn’t have a fuel status gauge on the battery, but they did include this on the saw.  Right behind the battery status gauge, is a small button to turn on and off the LED light.  Just in front of the battery status gauge is the on/off switch which is very easy to use while having your hand on the saw and just using your thumb.  In front of the on/off switch is the switch to adjust the orbital action, which has three different settings depending upon how aggressive you want to be with your cut.  Under the barrel is the speed selector dial.  You can adjust the speed from 1,500 to 2,800 SPM.

While this saw is powerful and easy to control, one of my favorite features is the blade clamp.  Like other Bosch Jig Saws, this saw accepts T-shank blades.  Inserting the blade is easy.  Just push the blade into the clamp and it automatically locks into place. Once you are done making a cut, instead of having to pull out the blade, just turn the lock ring and the blade will eject.  As with other Jig Saws we have seen, this also has a no-mar pad that can be easily removed, along with a splinter guard.  A downside for some is the plate and the ability to make bevel cuts.  You can make up to 45 degree bevel cuts with this saw, but you do need a hex wrench, which is easy to access and stored on the tool.  I know a lot of people would rather have this style adjustment over the tool-less bevel change because it’s more true and more sturdy.  I don’t do a lot of bevel cuts with Jig Saws, so it’s not a huge deal to me.

Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 12
Battery/Charger Not Included
Bevel Angle Range 0° to 45°
Case Type No Case Included
Certifications CSA
No Load SPM 1,500-2,800
Weight 3.3 lb

No-mar plastic overshoe (1619P07958) Anti-splinter insert (2601016093) Exact-fit insert tray (608285052L) Blade (T144D)

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As with other Bosch tools we have checked out, I think Bosch did a great job with this saw.  While some might not like needing the tool in order to change the plate for bevel cutting, I think this is a solid tool.  It does have a little weight to it which I believe makes better cutting.  The barrel is narrow, so it’s easy to grip and maneuver around.  I have to say this is the best 12V Jig Saw we have shown.


  1. Bosch is know for having one of the most favored jig saws in the tool world and this 12v just adds to that legend. A really nice tool.

  2. I have heard nothing but positive things about the Bosch jigsaws. My next jigsaw will be a Bosch and a barrel grip. Thanks for the info Eric.

    • I have not tried many of the Bosch Tools yet. I have a corded Bosch drill, which I purchased several years ago. Most of my tools are Dewalt 20v

  3. Owning a cordless Jigsaw would be awesome, especially if it’s a Bosch. I’ve been waiting for this show up in our HD or Lowes in Canada, but still no luck. Just bought the 12V HD, drill/driver PS130-2A kit, and loving it. The JS120BN would be a great combo to have. I’ve read and have seen many reviews on this Jigsaw, and looks to be accurate, and powerful enough for the DIY projects around home.

  4. This looks like an extremely useful tool. No wires means more freedom to be able to handle the tool. Can’t expect anything else from the originator of the jig saw! Bosch you have done it again.

  5. Bosch jigsaws are my favorite. I don’t have experience with this saw but I can’t imagine i would have a problem with it. Bosch makes some very nice tools.

  6. Very cool jigsaw, I’m in the market for a jigsaw currently and would like a Bosch but they aren’t in my budget right now.

  7. Bosch does rule in the jig saw world that is for sure Eric, I got a Bosch about three years ago and it has been one of my best tools in the shop. Nice review and nice tool Bosch. #TIA CREW

  8. When Bosch brings that micro size circular saw to the US I will defect to the Bosch 12 v line. Between this awesome jig you just featured and the new brushless impact and wrench coming out I have to say Bosch is my favorite 12 lineup. I don’t need a lot of the bizillion Milwaukee 12 v tools that I feel are a much lesser quality than the Bosch offerings.
    Many mahalos for the videos gentlemen and keep them coming because I need a break from all the surf we’ve gotten this winter by getting my tool fix on. -Jeremy Neill

  9. This is the style of jig saw that I want to see in the M12 line. I don’t want to add another battery platform to my collection. With the right shoe this would be awesome for crown moulding jobs.

  10. I bought this last winter, it rocks. It has a nice weight and balance to it, and fits your hand well. The lack of a cord really helps when you are doing complex turns.

  11. I’m a huge Bosch fanboy and I love my corded barrel jigsaw but the article hits the issue on the head regarding the bevel action. It’s simply to “free.” Positive detents would add a lot of functionality to this tool. Having said that when you pick up a Bosch jigsaw it exudes quality. Just the heft alone tells you they’ve built it to last.

  12. Too bad I gave my father in law my two Bosch 12v drills and now all I have is the M12 line, which has way more tools, I rather have the Bosch 12v line but price and types of tools is so small that I had to give it up. How does this Mini Jug Saw compare the the M12 Jigsaw?

  13. This really is a great little jigsaw. I couldn’t wait for it to come to America so I ordered the bare tool from overseas over a year and half ago. Awesome tool for coping trim with a Collins foot on it!

  14. Since I’m already in Bosch’s 12v and 18v line I was looking at getting a Bosch cordless jigsaw last Christmas time while the promotions were running. The 18v was sold out so I got the 12v. I’ve only had one chance to use it so far. I made some pull out shelves for the kitchen and needed to make several cuts to accommodate the plumbing under the sink. The wood was only 1-inch pine and half-inch plywood but the saw cut so well it almost looks as if I knew what I was doing!

  15. Cool tool bosch is hands down the best jigsaw I have an older corded Bosch jigsaw that is amazing I just don’t use it enough to get a cordless on a different battery platform than what I already have great review @toolsinaction #TIACREW

  16. This 12v jigsaw coupled with my DeWalt 20v D grip jigsaw make for a killer combo. I am just starting to use the Bosch with a Collins coping foot and I must say that it shines at that task. Very happy with my decisions.

  17. I’m doubting to buy a 12v bosch or milwaukee jigsaw.
    I read both reviews you did, but still not sure which one to pick.
    Somehow I get the sensation, the bosch is a more fine tuned machine, while the milwaukee is more of a compact powertool. Is that right?
    Or how did you experience the difference?

    • They are both extremely nice. Are you on a battery platform? If you own Milwaukee, I would go with Milwaukee. If you are on Bosch, I would go with Bosch. Both are great but personally, I love Bosch.


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