Blaze King Wood Burning Insert Update


Since our install, we have made some updates.

Back in 2012, we installed a wood burning stove insert into my house.  There were a lot of brands to pick from, but we ended up going with the Blaze King Princess Insert.  After a lot of research, it just seemed like the Blaze King was the top dog and had many happy customers.  Along with this insert, we also used the Duravent Liner.  Since it has been three years and winter time is almost here, I figured this would be a great time to do a revisit and let you know how things are going with this insert.

As far as the insert, I have to say I am extremely happy.  While this insert cost more than some of the other inserts, it’s worth every penny.  First it’s stainless steel, so I don’t have to worry about rust.  However the most important aspect of this liner is the ability of it to create a draft.  If you remember this liner is a double liner which means there is an outside and inside liner.  Between the two liners is insulation.  My liner runs about 20′ high, which means there are times where less expensive liners would work, but just not as efficient.  With the double liner, I can create a draft very quickly and get my stove up to operating temperature pretty fast.  As you know hot air rises and cold air sinks. Since this liner is insulated, it holds the heat extremely well and allows me to create a nice draft right from the start.

Blaze King 1As far as the Blaze King, this has been an incredible fireplace insert.  If you are looking for a fireplace insert, I would highly recommend a Blaze King.  As you can see by the pictures, the outside is still in great condition and this is even with two boys in my house who tend to destroy everything in their path.  The paint has held up great and don’t have any chips in the paint even with all the toys that have been thrown at it over the years.

As far as efficiency, I can’t give it a true rating but their website says its 85% efficient.  I have to say when it comes to burning wood, this is the king.  I can fit plenty of wood in the unit, even fit long pieces.  The inside seems much bigger than other inserts I have seen.  When I put the unit on low, depending upon the wood, I can have this easily burn up to 18 hours.  One of the main reasons this unit is so efficient is the catalytic, which re-burns the smoke to help produce heat.  Since this insert is so efficient, there isn’t much ash in the unit.  Besides not producing a lot of ash and the insert being so deep, I really only need to clean it out once in the winter time.  One thing I do which is probably not efficient is burn whole logs.  I always grab a couple logs that were not split and burn them in the insert.  Not sure, but these always seem like they last a long time.

I could go on and on about how much I love this stove, but the main idea behind this is to let you know that I am just as happy today as the day we got it.  The fan does a great job spreading the heat, the finish is still like new and the whole unit just rocks.  My only complaint would be the metal that goes around the fireplace to cover up the opening sometimes rattles because of the design.  I ended up buying some rubber mats, cutting them up and putting them in place.  You can see the rubber and it does stop the rattles. If you are looking for an insert, I would highly recommend checking out a Blaze King along with the Duravent liner.

Here is a handy little guide to wood burning fireplaces and inserts.  If you already have one, here is another guide to maintenance.


  1. If your looking for good free wood, check with local cabinet/carpentry shops. Most pieces will be good for kindling, but sometimes you can get bigger chunks. Walnut, pine, oak, maple are what you’ll usually find. You’ll help them and yourself.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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