Blaklader Work Shorts


After our review of the Blaklader winter work gear, we received numerous emails letting us know that its 90 plus degrees outside.  So we would like to start of by saying thanks.  After realizing our minor mistake, we thought now might be a good time to review their work shorts before winter comes.When I told Dan we were going to get some Blaklader work shorts he got very excited.  When I told him they where short and tight, like the 70’s style he couldn’t stop shaking because he finally had a reason to break out his yellow and green tube socks and rock.  So when we recevied the package I had to let him open it.  I wanted to see the disapointing look on his face when he realized I was just messing with him.  Kinda of like when a parent puts a small toy in a large box for Christams.  I have to say Dan took it pretty well after the whining and screaming.

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Actually when we did open the box we found two pair of matching work shorts, but we won’t go there.  As with all their other cloths, they are not only very stylish, but practical.  They use the same concept as the Blaklader pants, except they are shorts.  The shorts come in three different colors, unfortunately for Dan they don’t come in a hot pink.  They are made from an 8 oz. 100% cotton and come in different sizes from 30″ – 44″ waist.

The first thing we noticed was they were like the pants except they are shorts.  So they do have the same toughness as the pants.  They have the same triple stitched seems to help prevent rip outs and 7 belt loops, so you don’t have the plumbers butt problems.  Dan really needs to wear a belt as I can’t help myself but try and play basketball and make three pointers every time Dan bends down.  On the front you have easy access for adjustments with a nice metal zipper.  As with the pants, the shorts have the webbed hammer loop for longevity.

Besides the comfort, the utility pockets are what make these shorts great.  There are two utility pockets on each side of the shorts which are reinforced and makes it easy access when kneeling.  The pockets are angled on the corners, so you have easy access to screws and nails.  There is nothing more frustrating then trying to get that last couple of nails or screws out of the pocket, so we really like this feature.  Both pockets do tuck away when you don’t need them.  They fit nicely into your front pockets.  Like Dan was saying you can hang drywall during the day, then tuck your pockets in and get ready for you hot date at night.

Blaklader also included some accessory pockets which are a nice feature.  There is a phone and pencil pocket on the side of the shorts. There are also two larger pockets on the from and back of the shorts for easy access.

If you haven’t tried a pair of Blaklader shorts or pants, what are you waiting for.  These are very practical, but most of all they are very comfortable.  Built to last you won’t be disappointed.  I would like to say I wear mine all the time, but unfortunately I have a size 32″ and for some reason they don’t fit.  I tried to blame it on my wife and how she shrunk them, but as she pointed out, my belly has surely grown over the last couple of months.  However I do wear my Blaklader shirt all the time.  Maybe I can loose some weight and fit back into them.  Considering I don’t like working out and love eating, I don’t think that will happen, so I guess I should just go and buy a pair of 34″ shorts.  Well maybe I think ahead and just get the 36″.  Man do I sound  like a girl.



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