Blaklader Shorts


Winter is gone and summer is here.  So sad we have to put away our Blaklader pants.  Oh wait, they have shorts.   Not just any shorts, but the same style and toughness as the pants, but only they don’t have the pant legs, which makes them shorts.  I have been remodeling my bathroom for the last 3 years, well actually 3 weeks and have been using the heck out of these shorts.  They are in the wash (finally) so I don’t have any pictures, but you can check out our older Blaklader article which shows them up close.

Blaklader has four different types of shorts.  They have the famous 1627 Kilt for those of you who like to free ball it and enjoy the extra wind.  They have the 1634 Painter’s shorts and the 1634 craftsmen shorts.  Let’s not forget the 1640 heavy workers shorts for those of you who are a little harder on their work clothes.  The ones I have been wearing are the 1634 craftsmen shorts.  Just like the pants, they have the famous tuck away pockets, triple stitch, hammer loop, back pockets and more.  For almost every job I have been doing in the bathroom, these shorts have come in handy.  From carrying my nails to my spacers, they have been great.

The two downsides to these shorts is first they don’t offer plus sizes for those who have a little more junk in the trunk.  Second, they don’t offer all the cool lines in the US that they offer overseas.  With that said, they are great shorts to have around.  There are many times these can help you eliminate your tool belt which saves your knees and feet.

If you are looking for some tough and comfortable shorts, check out the Blaklader line over at Amazon.


  1. I want to thank you for doing reviews on this gear. I never heard of this brand and I am pretty hard on clothing most of the time. I definately plan to give them a try. Thank you.


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