Blaklader Bantam Pants are Freaking AWESOME!


I have bad knees!  Wearing knee pads for extended periods can really take a toll on the back of your legs and cut off circulation.  We reviewed the Blaklader pants last year and used them here and there, but did not get a chance to really use them until we started our wood flooring project.  Tearing out the old tile was like breaking chard’s of glass.  I cut my fingers a lot and went through multiple pairs of gloves.  Everyday my Blaklader Bantam pants protected me.  I was sliding around the floor in piles of this needle sharp material and my pants survived with just minute battle scars.  And the best thing is the knee pads!  You don’t even know they are there.  I would go to Home Depot, come back and get right to work, no circulation issues or big bulky pads to slide down your legs.

Blaklader on Amazon

So I have to say Blaklader Bantam pants are AWESOME.  They held my nails, protected me from sharp objects, comfortably protected my knees and generally are a great all around work pant.  Check out Blaklader


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