Black and Decker 20V 22 in. Lithium Hedge Trimmer LHT2220 – Review


For years I have used an old green-corded Black and Decker hedger.  I have left it out in the rain, dropped it, cut branches that are way too big for it and generally abused it.  It still works like a charm.  The only issue I had with it was that I kept accidentally cutting extension cords.  The cord just had to go!  I was eying the 20V edger for a while, I don’t have a lot of bushes but enough to keep a hedge trimmer busy for 20 minutes or so.  Cordless lawn tool batteries have come a long way since they were first released.  Lithium technology dominates these days and gives great run-times.  The 20V hedger works with other Black and Decker 20V tools like the cultivator that we liked so much.  The charge time is a rather long 3-5 hours.

The first thing you notice about the LHT2220 is its ergonomics.  It is comfortable to hold and has a nice soft grip that allows you to maneuver the tool with ease.  It weighs 5.7 lbs and has a 3/4″ cutting capacity.  2200 strokes per min allow for swift and quick cutting.  In our tests the hedger performed well and we got roughly 20-25 min of run time on one charge.   Black and Decker claims you can trim up to 3000 sq ft per charge.   A big, clear plastic guard prevents your hands from getting near the blades and you need to depress a thumb switch before you can pull the trigger.

The only thing I did not like about the LHT2220 is the blade shield.  It is a cheap vinyl cover.  I had a hard time getting it off, never mind getting it back on again.  Overall I think the 20V hedge trimmer from Black and Decker is a great unit for just about any home owner.  It is easy to operate and has plenty of power for almost everything the home owner can throw at it.  So get rid of your corded hedge trimmer and get into the freedom of cordless.

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  1. Great writeup Dan!, I see a tool fight with the WORX soon! I really like cordless lawn tools, you forget the cord, lose the gas and oil, and its quiet, The grip looks nice on this! One thing I dont like is the crazy 3-5 hour charge time, does not make sense where DeWalt/ Milwaukee can charge 1.5 amp hour batteries in 30 minutes. Keep up the great writings Dan!

  2. Thank you Dan for review number 1,683,332. Do you guys get any sleep? This is a gem! Lightweight, lithium ion battery, long cutting blades. With 139 reviews on amazon this has all 5 stars. This is a great little hedger.

  3. I am very frustrated with this tool as it keeps cutting out every 30 seconds or so. Even the smallest of hedge branches jam this tool. Does anyone else have this frustration?


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