Let’s Celebrate BBQ Day with these Amazon Deals!

National BBQ Day

In case you needed an excuse to fire up the grill we have one for you – it’s National BBQ Day! Whether or not you’ve already BBQ’d this year, this day feels like an appropriate start to the season. So what better way to celebrate than with some new BBQ gear?

We picked out some great BBQ items that you can add to your cart while your busy fantasizing about what you’re going to cook tonight.

Pop-up Canopy Tent to Prevent Rain from Ruining Your BBQ 

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - pop-up canopy

Who else checked the weather once they found about BBQ Day? Unfortunately it’s rain all day here, so I’m hitting “Add to Cart” on this 10 ft. x 10 ft. Pop-up Canopy Tent to give me and my bbq some protection from the elements in the future.

  • Amazon Review: “Wow! Protection from the summer sun and the rain! This is a good investment for me. I’m grateful that there were videos available on how to set it up, as they helped me a great deal. You don’t have to be Doctor Octopus to set this up; I did so all by myself and it worked just fine.” 
  • Price: $142.99 and available in 27 different prints and colors on Amazon.

CHEF iQ Sense Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - CHEF iQ wireless meat thermometer

Wireless meat thermometers are changing the game for home cooks. No more prodding a hot piece of meat or getting face first into the grill or BBQ only to find out it’s not done or way over done. I also find that wireless meat thermometers are more accurate and this CHEF iQ Sense Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer is our top pick!

  • Amazon Review: “I recently purchased the Chefman Electric Meat Thermometer from Amazon, and let me tell you, it has completely transformed my cooking experience! From perfectly juicy steaks to flawlessly roasted chickens, this little gadget has become my go-to kitchen companion.”
  • Price: On sale for $179.95 (18% off)!

Mr. Barbecue Stainless Steel Folding Grill Basket

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - folding grill basket

Grilling and BBQ is awesome but it can feel limiting at times because not everything is meat to be BBQ’d…if you don’t have the right tools. This Mr. Barbecue Stainless Steel Folding Basket offers three different custom fits so you can revolution your BBQ experience.

  • Amazon Review: “Purchased this product mainly to make it easier when flipping wings, I couldn’t be more happier. The fact that it has three adjusts makes it able to fit all sizes.”
  • Price: $29.99

Smokehouse by Thoughtfully Ultimate Grilling Spice & Seasoning Set, 20-pack

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - smokehouse grill spices and seasonings variety pack

Are you in a seasoning rut? Get out of it by spicing up your meat and veg with something new! I love a grilling season and spice set to push me to try new flavors.

This Smokehouse Grilling Seasoning and Spice Set by thoughtfully offers 20 flavor combos ideal for spicing up 1-2 servings of meat. Try a new spice every week or go crazy and spice up a bunch of different samples and invite the whole neighborhood over to nail down your favorite.

  • Amazon Review: “I got these for my husband for his birthday. He loved them. Just the right size to season a serving or two. We have used them on steaks and hamburgers.”
  • Price: $39.99

Host FREEZE Beer Pint Glasses

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - freezeable beer pints

I was just saying last night there are two times where a beer is the perfect beverage – the moment you get done mowing the lawn and when you’re BBQ-ing! But don’t let a warm beer ruin the experience. These refreezable and comfy-grip beer pints are your saving grace.

  • Amazon Review: “They work better than I anticipated. Purchased as a Christmas gift for my husband who is a beer connoisseur. He loves them. Hand wash and dry and stick right back in the freezer for next time.”
  • Price: $30.99

Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - Grillbot grill cleaning robot

Look, there are a few different ways to clean-up after a BBQ. Everyone thinks their way is the best. Me? My favorite way is not doing it at all. This Grillbot Auto Grill Cleaning Robot makes it so I don’t have to do a single thing!

  • Amazon Review: “Bought this for my grandson since cleaning a grill isn’t any fun. His hasn’t been cleaned really well for a couple of years. The instructions which were easy to follow and clean up was simple too. He was thrilled with the results; the grates look almost brand new.”
  • Price: $138.95-148.95 and comes in four colors.

Funny BBQ Apron

Because you can’t celebrate BBQ Day without a funny apron!

Uten Pop-up Folding Charcoal Grill

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - folding desktop charcoal grill

What’s a better reason to buy a new grill that National BBQ Day? You do need a grill for all BBQ occasions and scenarios after all. This Uten Pop-up Foldable Charcoal Grill is perfect for camping, date night, making s’mores, taking to the beach, and really just wherever you want to BBQ.

  • Amazon Review: “This is the second time we have purchased this exact grill. It is perfect for the boat and cooking hot dogs or burgers. It’s easy to clean & easy to store. it’s not too big where it feels like it’s in the way!”
  • Price: Available in small, medium, large sizes and prices ranges from $23.84-49.99.

Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - weber traveler portable grill

Maybe you like to grill on the go but you also have a gaggle of family or friends following you. The Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill is a better option than the previous, smaller foldable grill. It’s compact and portable but has more space for a bigger BBQ feast!

  • Amazon Review: “The Weber Traveler Grill is a great choice whether you are at home on the patio, deck or out camping in your RV. It is very versatile, easy to use, mobile & folds easily to transport or store. Well worth the money. Highly recommended”
  • Price: On sale for $399

Oklahoma Joe Marshal Centerbox Smoker

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - Oklahoma Joe Marshal Centerbox smoker

Maybe BBQ to you is not grilled, it’s smoked. This Oklahoma Joe Marshal Centerbox Smoker is that true no fuss, no gadgets smoker but well-constructed with modern materials for a reliable and “blow your mind” smoked BBQ performance.

Monument Grill Mesa 400

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - monument grill mesa 400

If you’re looking to replace your backyard grill then we have to recommend the Monument Grill Mesa 400. This four-burner grill that is well constructed with high-quality materials but has an absurdly affordable price tag.

What You Cooking for BBQ Day?

Personally? I love BBQ pork steak and corn on the cob. Tell us in the comments what your throwing on the BBQ tonight.


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