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Kiaya a writer/editor for TIA. She shares with us her knowledge and experience in DIY home remodeling, decor and crafts, RV and camping, and family activities.

RV Kitchen Essentials from a Full-Time Nomad

Hi! It's Kiaya again. In case you need a recap: I'm a TIA writer/editor who use to travel full-time in RV with my husband,...
list of appraiser tools

10 Appraiser Tools Every Home Appraiser Needs

Do you want to become a home appraiser, but you're not sure what appraising tools you need? Never fear! We put together a list...
SKIL 2 in. x 2.75 in. Circular Saw Track Guide

SKIL Circular Saw Track Guide

Are you new to woodworking, carpentry, or building a workshop? Maybe you have a project that requires long smooth cuts of wood from your...
Groggle noise reduction earmuffs and construction safety glasses in yellow

Groggles – Noise Reduction Earmuffs & Eye Protection

When it comes to construction, your eyes and ears are constantly at-risk of injury. Damage can occur at any moment as well as over...
Essentials for Full-time RV Living: family stands in front of their Ford Expedition, which is connected to their travel trailer at Bonelli Bluffs Campground in San Dimas, CA.

Essentials for Full-Time RV Living

Hi, I'm Kiaya and I'm new writer/editor at TIA. Prior to joining the team, my family and I were traveling the country full-time in...