Super Charge your Hose With The Amplifi Hose Powering System



How many times have you been cleaning with your garden hose and wished you had a little more reach?  or a little more power?  Well Briggs and Stratton were thinking the same thing.  Think of the Amplifi as the medium between a garden hose and pressure washer, three times the pressure, 4.5 times the force and two times more flow.  According to Briggs and Stratton it is the first product of its kind that Amplifies your water pressure and stores your hose.

The unit is made out of ABS plastic and designed to store a 75′ hose on the top.  A 35′ GFCI cord runs power to the unit and they also include a 15′ inlet hose so you can hook it up to your spicket.  The unit has 2 wheels on the bottom and they included a bar that you can attach to tote it around.  The 5 setting spray wand has 3 power settings that shoot up to 30′ away and 2 that are unpowered for flower watering, etc.  The wand holds 4 AA batteries that power the chemical injection pump.  Adding detergent is easy.  Fill the container with your favorite detergent, hit the button on the front and you’re spraying.

The unit is on demand, meaning the pump only turns on when you pull the trigger.  The pump is relatively quiet and provides a good amount of power.  Since this is not a pressure washer, there is no psi rating.  We cleaned a UTV, washed some windows on the side of the house and even knocked an old bee hive that was 2 floors up.  The Amplifi can be left outside in temperatures above 32 degrees.  It is perfect for patios and it doesn’t look gaudy.  The unit costs $199 at Lowes.  Overall, the unit is good for the homeowner who wants fast, accessible water with the power to clean.  The Amplifi has a 90 day warranty which we consider to be substandard.  Every product should have at least a 1 year warranty!

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  1. Cool looking product the 90 day warranty is way too short for something that costs 200 bucks; also at 200 bucks its a tad pricey for what it is. You can get a real pressure washer for 100 bucks not that that quality is great at that price point.

  2. Hi Jason, my name is Eric from Briggs & Stratton. Thanks for the feedback. We’re giving consideration to your comments on the warranty. Regarding the pricing, it’s difficult to compare AMPLIFI to a pressure washer as it is intended to be a different product and not replace a pressure washer.

    AMPLIFI certainly isn’t going to be able to do the types of deep cleaning projects that a pressure washer does. However, AMPLIFI does have some features that a pressure washer does not including the capability of switching from watering to cleaning at the turn of the nozzle, the application of detergent-on-demand, the capability of storing up to 75 feet of hose, and the ability to store the product outdoors (in above freezing climates) to always have it ready-to-go when you are. Think of it more as a versatile and supercharged hose storage pot.

  3. Wow was not expecting anyone from Briggs @ Stratton to reply. I do understand why you had the shorter warranty people will abuse products to no end plus being water related you will have a lot of people not properly storing the unit during winter months. I know from looking high end hose storage is expensive. This is really great for people that live in areas with poor water pressure or might be on well water. So for them the 200 bucks might be a worthy investment. I might have bought this after using that 100 dollar pressure washer that thing was so leaky and a pain to use, and I just can’t justify spending 400 bucks on a gas powered version when I was cleaning the outside of my house for the once a year cleaning. I do see what you are trying to do accomplish with the AMPLIFI I was just thinking in my head how much use I would get out of it for the cost of the unit.

  4. Here is my two cents. I would never own this because I have no use for it. I don’t water my plants or clean my house. When I need pressure I use my pressure washer. Therefore for someone like me it is not something I need. On the other hand this is perfect for my mother. She lives in a townhouse with so-so water pressure. There is no way she could use a pressure washer. I love her, but she just doesn’t need that type of power. She has a very nice garden that this would work great for. Also perfect for her patio and driveway. To this day not sure why she cleans here driveway, but I guess when you get old, a driveway is important. I guess what I am saying is this is not designed for everyone and what these guys said in the video is it is not intended to replace a pressure washer. Thanks for the video. The biggest thing I took away was the pressure on your arm. I know when I pull the trigger for my pressure washer, I can feel my arm jerk back. I see in this video, there is a short delay, but couldn’t see your arm moving which makes this perfect for my mom.

    • Thanks for your feedback Kevin. We had fun using this and working with the Amplifi. Sounds like this would be perfect for your mom’s situation. My wife loves it for the short time she used it (still winter by us). I am sure in spring she will get a lot of use out of it. Now if I can convince her to clean the house and car, I’ll be all set. I can dream can’t I?

  5. I have had one of these for some time now and it works great! I have a very large house and very long driveway. This really helps clean thing up quickly. I have a living room with 2 story windows and Amplifi really helps clean them without having to get up on a ladder. Also, I have found I can hook up a good quality sprinkler and water my yard easily in half the time.

  6. Only had for a couple of months and have managed to launch the end of the gun into the lake due to not having it fully on prior to sqeezing the handle. Cannot locate a place to order a new part. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  7. The pump in the housing developed a crack and I need to replace it where do I find that part and what does it cost and if there is a diagram on how I can do that I would appreciate it.

      • I realize this response is ate, but I ma new to this forum. B&S told me today that you can’t buy that part as the lower part of the unit does not have replacement parts. This makes it disposable at any price.


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