Agri-Fab SMARTLINK™ 45-0473 – Spring is Coming!


Spring is right around the corner and with the warm air comes your outdoor chores.  If you have a large yard and you take good care of it, you have heard of Agri-Fab.  They have been building quality attachments for the lawn and garden industry for years.  They are right here in the USA.  I have had an Agri-Fab de-thatcher and aerator for about 5 years now.  Everyone and their mom has borrowed them and they always come back in one piece no matter how hard they were used.  Both of these attachments are great, but they take up a lot of room with their wheels and trailer tongues.  While covering GIE 2011 we came across the new SMARTLINK system.


The SMARTLINK is an innovative space saving attachment system that allows you to use one master platform to attach different attachments.  Attachments simply lock into place via 2 side latches, you can then insert clevis pin to complete the lock.  It is easy to replace the attachments with 2 people but can be accomplished by one.  For example: You can wheel the Master Platform over the poly roller and use the handle to lower the wheels and lock it into position.  The accessories fit in the platform tight, there was no slop.  The overall quality of the entire system is top notch from the welds to the powder coated finish.  The product is designed to be behind a garden tractor with a simple pin hitch system.


First thing you need to get is the Smartlink Master Platform.  It requires some simple assembly and Agri-Fab has a full selection of install videos on their website here.




I generally aerate twice a year, once in spring and once in the fall to allow nutrients to get into the soil. Plug Aerators leave behind pellets that usually dry and break up within a week or so.  You can add cinder blocks to the top of the Master Platform for weight.  TIP: Aerate when the soil is moist but not wet.




As with a plug aerator you can use this twice a year.  It is better for lightly compacted soil and leaves less of mess than a plug aerator.




Generally you want to de-thatch when there is 1/2″ or more of thatch on your lawn once or twice a year.  The nice thing about this accessory is that it has skids on the bottom so that the tines do not over bend.




Rollers are great for smoothing out your yard and a poly roller is light so you can store it on an overhead shelf.  When you need to use it you fill it with water and with extra weight on the platform you get up to 400lb’s of weight.


No matter which accessory you have on, the master platforms wheels can be lowered to lift the accessory off the ground for transport.  On the aerators, you will need to put on the center brace which slides on and off  (You may need a wrench to adjust it).  The brace is easily stowed on top when not in use.

A 3 year warranty covers this product and I can attest to Agri-Fab’s durability and quality.  My old Agri-Fab aerator and de-thatcher are still running strong with over 5 years of use and being stored outside year round.  The new innovative SmartLink system is great for any homeowner that wants to save space and maintain a beautiful lawn.  Check out AgriFab

Video Notes:  The wheels do not lock up they just float and like we said earlier in the article you can wheel the master platform over the accessory and lower it down into place.


  1. That is awesome. Can’t believe how easy it is to change from one tool to the other.
    Gonna have to check into this some more. thanks


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