ACDelco Li-ion 12V 3/8″ Impact Wrench KIT, ARI1258-3 – Review



ACDelco has really focused on the auto mechanic and produced some great tools that mechanics have fallen in love with.  The ARI1258-3 3/8 Impact wrench is one of their favorites.  I played with the impact for a few days, but really wanted to get it into a mechanics hands and see what they thought.  I took it to our local auto shop and left it there for a few months.  The main mechanic’s tool box consisted of a lot of a Snap On and Mac impacts.  I had my doubts that the ACDelco could compare to these pricey giants.

2 months had passed and I went back to the shop to see the results.  To my surprise the only impact I saw that he had on his tool box was the ACDelco,  I asked him how was it?  He answered “I love it” he explained how most of his work consists of removing heat shields, covers, brackets etc.  and the ARI1258-3 was perfect.  It is compact and fit into the tightest of spaces where the the 18V tools would not.  The light on the front is perfect because a mechanic spends 99% of his time under a hood or under a vehicle.  He also mentioned that the battery lasts an unbelivevably long time and he was highly impressed.  I would have to say that the tool is perfect for the professional mechanic.

Lets go over some specs, It has 974 in-lbs max. torque, a no load speed of 0-2,200 rpm and attains 2,700 ipm.  The trigger is variable and includes an electric brake.  The unit includes an easily replaceable carbon brush that is also included in the kit.  The kit also includes a 20 min charger which rocks and 2 12v lithium battery in a nice blow molded case. A one year warranty supports this tool.


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