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There seems to be a lot of inspection cameras on the market today with all kinds of price points and uses.  Some work great behind drywall, but will not fit into tight areas like in the automotive field where small clearances are common.  A few years back we gave ARZ1204D inspection camera to a car mechanic and at first he didn’t think he would use it.  After a few weeks with it, not only was he constantly using it, but he wouldn’t give it back!  It has saved him and his customers time and money.  ACDelco is the mechanics choice for a reason!acdelco cam

The ARZ605 inspection camera is simple to operate and is feature packed to help the mechanic diagnose and inspect issues.  The small 4.5 mm diameter camera head allows you to get into the tightest of areas like spark plug holes and even in one case inside a fuel line.  Let’s say you want to show your customer the problem, just hit the camera button and bam, you got a picture.  Want more?  Hit the video button and you can record both video and audio on the included 4gb SD card.  Big buttons make the unit easy to operate with gloves on.  When you are in those tight areas you can illuminate them with 4 LED settings.  Zoom and screen rotate are also available on this unit.The head is waterproof so sticking into wet areas is not an issue. It is powered by 4 AA batteries, but you can also use any ACDelco 12V battery.

]acdelco camera

The back of the camera has a hook so you can hang it from a hood or even set it like a stand for bench work.  This camera really excels at its up close focus, it does a great job of reading serial numbers off a part.  ACDelco really did a good job on their second generation camera.  Every ACDelco product that we give to a mechanic loves it, they abuse the tools and they keep on ticking.  ACDelco covers this tool with a one year warranty. Check out ACDelco for more information.  Check out ACDelco Power Tools

Used ACDelco driver still running strong
ACDelco Driver



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