80V Greenworks PRO – Massive Voltage!


We usually cover GIE, but this year it we couldn’t make it.  Greenworks has announced a new pro line that has 80 Volts of power.  This is the highest we have seen in outdoor power equipment.  Electric OPE is really starting to push into the Pro market especially with he release of the DeWALT 40V line up.  I have been pretty happy with the 40V Greenworks line and the 80V looks very impressive.

80V 20″ DigiPro Snow Thrower – $999

greenworks electric snow thrower


80V 24″ Cordless DigiPro Hedge Trimmer – $169



80V 21″ Cordless DigiPro Lawn Mower – $399

Greenworks cordless mower


80V 16″ Cordless DigiPro String Trimmer – $169

greenworks cordless string trimmer


80V Cordless DigiPro Jet Blower – $169



For more visit GreenWorks



  1. holy cow!! where is it gonna end…lol 80v is an awesome power cell, you’d think it would be heavy though, the Ego battery pack is huge and adds a lot to the weight of the tool…but an 80v pack!! I think for the lawn mowers and snow blowers it would be ok but might be a bit heavy for the hand held power tools…but maybe I’m wrong, I can’t wait to see this stuff tested on TIA!!

  2. I’m curious to she how good the snow blower and lawnmower is. I would never though we would have 80volt outdoor power tools. I’m really interested in the snowblower that sounds cool as hell

  3. Looks like Ego is going to be second in line; in the battery powered lawn tools and greenworks just raised the bar. Can’t wait to see some reviews on these tools.

  4. That kind of pricing makes me wonder what kind of battery and charger you are getting out of the box. If its something like 72/80v max, but only 2AH, what is the run time going to be like? Then again, even if its just 2AH cells, you’re still getting something like 160 watt-hours for even the 2AH battery! Compare that to 36 watt-hours you get from an 18/20v max 2AH cell and you wonder how people could get by with an 18 volt cordless lawn mower, or other comparable tool.

  5. I honestly can’t imagine a battery powered snow blower to be anything but a joke, useless in any real snow. Maybe for people who live in Tenessee. I dunno. And a battery poweed leaf blower, maybe for your sidewalk. Just … can’t take them seriously.

  6. If I was Briggs and Stratton or a gas powered OPE manufacturer I would be worried. This is kind of signaling the end of gas powered OPE for most home owners. Unless you have some acreage gas is becoming to much of a hassle. I saw some reviews on the Snow Joe 40v unit it did pretty good in some decent snow it was 6″ of powder, but still its better than shoveling in my opinion. I wonder what the spec’s on the blower will be the Ego blower is pretty damn good. I think it would go head to head with most cheap gas powered units. Can wait so see some reviews!

      • The spec’s are not that much better than the Ego which does 480cfm on turbo boost. I can’t find the specs but I think the Ego isn’t as fast though only 90mph. Don’t get me wrong the Green Works is better but I expected a big jump with close twice the voltage.

  7. just got the snow thrower. cleared 12′ x 38′ of driveway with 6″ of snow covering it using the battery right out of the box until it died. i have more to do, but pretty impressive. battery is recharging so i can finish. hopefully the 30 minute quick charge is true!

  8. Do these prices include a battery and charger? It seems like they do from the website’s listings. Are they going to sell bare tools?

    I am planing to invest in the Ego 56V lineup before this summer, but I’m also going to keep an eye on this system.

    And how is someone already using the snowblower? The website is still listing it as unreleased as of 3/3/2015.


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