360 Degree Tape Measure


I would have to say a tape measure is one of the most widely used tools.  However it does have it’s limits when taking measurements.  Such as, it is hard to measure the distance between two round objects over a long span.  Sure they have magnetic tips, but they have to be very strong to stay attached over longer distances.   Plus it doesn’t work too well on PVC.  Well the makers of the compass guide decided to put an end to that problem with the 360° swivel tape measure.

What is the 360° tape measure?  Simple, so simple I should have thought of this concept.  Basically it’s a typical tape measure, but at the end, the hook swivels 360° which has a couple important functions.  This hook is bigger than the normal hooks I have seen and is surrounded with a rubber coating.  This means it has a very easy time holding onto round objects like pipes.  Now a user can take a simple measurement by himself.  We found this to work great on black pipe, PVC, conduit and more.  Another function of the swivel hook is you don’t have to retract the tape or even expand the tape perfectly to get a good grip.  No matter what angle the tape is laying, the larger part of the hook will point towards the ground and allows the user to grip the tape on almost any object.  Instead of me trying to explain the cool things about this tape, watch the videos below as they will better explain how this tape works.

Overall the 360° swivel tape measure is a cool and practical tool.  Comes in handy for different applications.  The only thing we would like to see is a model with a little further reach.







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