13 Holiday Gifts for Outdoorsy People


Welcome back to week two of 2023 TIA Holiday Gift Guides. Today’s gift guide is Gifts for Outdoorsy People. These are the people who would rather be camping than at a five star hotel, who enjoy nights by a campfire, and their favorite scent is the smell of fresh air.

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

The gifts on this list are meant to enhance time outside for your outdoorsy friends. Whether that is keeping them warm, helping them enjoy their favorite tunes, upgrading their travel equipment, there’s something here for all of them. These gifts for outdoorsy people range from as low as $9.99 to over $700.

Makita 18V Outdoor Adventure Line

To kickoff this list I’m starting with a collection I’ve been fangirling over for the past couple months: The Makita 18V Outdoor Adventure line. This line integrates Makita’s 18V battery system and tool technology into luxury camping equipment. I say luxury because a Makita lantern is going to cost more than your everyday camping lantern, but it’s also Bluetooth® and an FM radio, emits up to 310 lumens, and provides up to 16 hours of continuous light.

Everything in this line has a similar quality making it at least a step above your standard camping equipment. This line currently includes 18 items and they range from basic fans and lights to compact blowers and chainsaws. Aside from the lantern, my two other favorites in this 18-item line-up are the Makita 18V inflator and the Makita AC Cooler/Warmer.

However, any of these items are great gifts for the outdoorsy people in your life and will leave them feeling spoiled.


Vgogfly Slouchy Beanie for Men & Women

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

Now that you spent all your money on Makita Outdoor Adventure equipment let’s talk about a fantastic yet affordable gift for outdoorsy people. This beanie has a 4.5 rating and over 17k reviews. It’s form-fitting and designed to keep them warm. Available in 15 different colors and suitable for both men and women.

  • Amazon Review: “Love the weight and quality of the fabric. Fits perfectly without having to readjust constantly. Color is true to the picture. Definitely recommend.”
  • Where to Buy: Only $9.99 on Amazon.


HEYTRIP SUV Tailgate Tent with Awning Shade

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

Before I had an RV my husband and I would do big road trips in our car, often sleeping overnight in parking lots. Now, it was fun and our mad-dash style of traveling allowed us to see and do great things with limited time off. However, I would love to go back in time and give us more room to lounge in our downtime. This would have been the perfect road trip addition for my old Ford Focus.

  • Amazon Review: “This is one of the very few products I have ever bought that ended up way better than I expected. Back from a camping trip in the high desert. Super windy. So windy, my car side awning was pulverized! Yet, this thing was installed in less than 5 minutes without even looking at the instructions. And even with super strong gusts of wind, it never failed and stayed in place the whole time even at night. It really helps with car camping ventilation and providing rear access while keeping bugs, bees and wasps out. One day, lunch time, with the Arizona sun right above the car and zero shade, I was able to use the tailgate shade for my chair while the car is ventilated and stays way cooler.”
  • Where to Buy: $62.99 on Amazon – $83.99 regular price.


Bruntmor 7-piece Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camping Cook Set

Gifts for outdoorsy people

I think a lot of people get a good amount of joy from reverting back to the “old” and simple ways of doing things when they’re camping, or at least I do. Cooking a meal by fire with quality cast iron cookware is a great way to achieve this plus expand your self-reliance, which is ultimately the best gift you can get for your outdoorsy friend.

  • Amazon Review: “This is a wonder beginner set of cast iron cookware. My husband does a lot of re enactment camping. This was especially nice because it came in a wooden box that holds all of it!”
  • Where to Buy: $152.99 on Amazon, but on sale for $122.99.


JBL Go 3 Speaker

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

Yes, I know the sound of nature is a beautiful thing, but there’s a lot of it and it’s still nice to enjoy some music while you’re out on an adventure. This JBL Go 3 Speaker is a perfect gift for outdoorsy people because it’s compact, waterproof, dustproof, is impressively loud for its size, and provides up to five hours of tunes on a single charge.

  • Amazon Review: “It’s so easy to take anywhere with you and louder than you’d expect. Perfect for vacations”
  • Where to Buy: Various colors range from $37.95 to $46.49 on Amazon.


Telena Small Sling Crossbody Bag

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

I got this bag when I was traveling in my RV. I wanted something I could wear across the front or sling across my back. It had to allow me easy access to essentials like my phone, wallet, and keys. But also look nicer than the popular nylon-style LuLuLemon’ish chest bags. This bag was my solution and I have loved it.

This bag has two separate compartments plus a credit card and I.D. slot. It’s well constructed, easily adjustable, and the zippers have held up well over time. An added bonus is that it looks great whether I’m dressed up or casual.

I have this in the color “coffee” but it’s available in 39 different styles.

  • Amazon Review: “I purchased this purse for use on a trip to Dollywood. It is great quality and very pretty. It also held more items than I thought it would! Was perfect for my trip and looked great with every outfit. Very comfortable, too.”
  • My Review: In case you couldn’t tell, I love it. I love it when I’m camping, when I’m at the airport, or when I’m out for walks with my kids. It’s also great for when you’re going through the drive-thru or at an event. In fact, the bag being worn on my chest provides added security knowing that it’s much harder for someone to steal or pickpocket.
  • Where to Buy: Styles range from $15.99 – $20.79 on Amazon.


Nokta The Legend PRO Pack Metal Detector Set with Accupoint Pinpointer and Starter Accessory Package

Have you fantasized about finding buried treasure? Not going to lie, a metal detector is a gift I bought myself a few years back and it has been 100% worth it. In addition to the fun “buried treasure” types of finds I’ve had at places like the beach, it’s helped me locate a lost cellphone, keys, and more.


HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

“Secure Your Valuables – Enjoy Outdoor Activities Without Thinking Of Losing Your Keys, Cards Or Valuables.” Do have an apartment dweller on your list? This is a great option to hide an extra door key, so they never get locked out (again).

  • Amazon Review:Great Product – I got this to secure an extra car key in case I lose my keys on a business trip. Installation is a no-brainer, and product is extremely solid. Highly recommended.”
  • Where to Buy: $72.95 on Amazon.


RTIC Tumbler, 30 oz Tumbler Travel Mug

Every “drive day” in my family can’t start without each person’s special drink. This mug is stainless steel and comes with a lid. Perfect for hot or cold beverages so everyone can drink exactly what they need to get them going.

  • Amazon Review: “Great cup that I have held ice in for over 24 hours. My drinks stay cold all day. Fits in my hand nicely.”
  • Eric’s Review: I own two of these and they are great. I use them in the summertime for baseball and they hold ice for the three hours I am at the game. In wintertime, I use them for my hot chocolate when the boys have an outside hockey game.
  • Where to Buy: $19.98 on Amazon.


Microfiber Travel and Camping Towels, Ultra-Compact and Fast Drying

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

Available in 3 sizes and 13 colors. Do you have a gym rat, a beach lover, or a yogi on your list? Give them a few of these and they’ll think of you every time they use them. 4.4 Stars rating on Amazon from over 16,000 reviews.

  • Amazon Review: “I’m absolutely thrilled with my microfiber travel/camping towel! This little wonder has become an essential part of my outdoor adventures. Its compact size makes it incredibly convenient to pack, and I’m amazed by how quickly it absorbs moisture. I have bought many sizes of this product. I keep a medium towel in my car. I have a small one in my backpack when I travel. I used my first towel on a 3 week backpacking trip to Switzerland. It is awesome!”
  • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon for $9.99 – $20.99.


ALLCAMP Cooling Wine Tote & Picnic Set

Unique gifts for friends, coworkers and gift exchanges

Perfect for the wine-o always on the go!

Also, I like that this bag has an optional cooler compartment, so it’s good whether you are toting around red, white, or rose. It also comes with two glasses so your recipient can reenact the poison scene from The Princess Bride on their outings. That’s what normal people do, right?

This set carries one bottle, but there are nine total available styles with some carrying TWO bottles of wine.

  • Amazon Review: “This is a great bag. It looks great and it is functional as well. It is great one as a gift as well as for personal use. I love it. Great for vino or even other things you like to carry. Great bag”
  • Where to Buy: $26.99 on Amazon.


The Adventure Challenge Scratch-Off Books

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

The Adventure Challenge books make great gifts for outdoorsy people because each book is designed for a different type of adventurer. Whether you are a solo adventurer, a family of adventurers, or want to create new memories with your friends or make date night more exciting, there is an Adventure Challenge book for you.

  • Amazon Review: “I don’t know what I was expecting, but this is a high-quality book you will keep forever. The adventures are laid out so well and guide you to choose what works best for the time you have that day. I think the solo adventure concept is amazing because we all need a little prompting sometimes. I bought this for myself, but it would make a really nice gift because the book comes boxed and packaged so well.”
  • Where to Buy: Adventure Challenge books range from $36 to $60 on Amazon, but many are half off right now.

HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera, Pocket-Sized Drone HDR Video Capture

2023 Holiday Luxury Gifts

This tiny but mighty drone takes off in the palm of your hand, provides 32 GB of internal storage plus additional storage in photo and video app, in app real time view of footage, and so many more settings.

This drone is the perfect gift for outdoorsy people because it’s so compact and easy to take on adventures.

  • Amazon Review: “I recently purchased this drone, and it has exceeded all my expectations. The pocket-sized drone’s HDR video capture delivers stunning footage with vivid colors and impressive clarity. The convenience of palm takeoff and the intelligent flight paths make it incredibly user-friendly, even for beginners.”
  • Where to Buy: Amazon for $479.00, but available right now for $389 with an $80 off Amazon coupon.

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  1. Bought my autistic nephew the Go 3 JBL speaker for Christmas. Of course I had to try it out and was very impressed. You can feel it thump pretty good in your hands and the sound quality is amazing for a speaker that size. Paid $29.99 and that’s hard to beat.


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