18 Holiday Gifts for Kids PLUS Advent Calendars


It’s day three of TIA’s 2023 Holiday Gifts Guides and today is Holiday Gifts for Kids. Now there is no one single gift out there that all kids enjoy (okay well maybe a free cellphone, but you get the point). We divided up our list into gift ideas for kids five and under, kids six to 12, and gifts for teens, plus some advent calendars to help you find at least one present for each kid in your list whether they are big or small.

Check out our gift guide below and jump to the sections that best fit the kids on your list.

Kids Gift Guide

Advent Calendars for Kids

Sometimes the countdown to the holidays is more fun than the actual holidays. Advent calendars are a great way to get kids of all ages into the spirit.

Taylor Swift Advent Calendar for Swifties

Confession: My best friend is a Swiftie and I got this for her even though she’s 30. However, this is full of great homages to the Eras tour, and Taylor Swift has an effect on girls of all ages. There are also nine sets to choose from.


Play-Doh Advent Calendar for Kids 3 & Up

We can never have enough Play-Doh in my family. Play-Doh is a great open-ended toy/craft that can provide hours of entertainment every day for kids. (I on the other hand have to clean it out of my carpeting every other day).

This set also provides new, seasonal ideas for what to make with their Play-Doh and doubles as a great winter break activity.

  • Amazon Review: “Hands down the best advent calendar for kids! I don’t usually write reviews, but with this I have to spread the word haha We started out with day one and it was so cute we opened 2 next and 3 and 4 and 5 and all of them because it was too fun we couldn’t wait. Fast forward 2 hours later and my girls ages 2 and 4 were still playing with this set! It was so fun and we all loved making the little ideas on the included cards. I would recommend this to anyone. “
  • Where to Buy: $21.99 on Amazon.


Bluey’s Amazon Exclusive Advent Calendar

If you don’t have kids then you might not know that Bluey is beloved by both children and parents. This advent calendar is super cute. It’s one of the better toy gift sets I’ve seen as every daily toy is exciting, well constructed and not fragile, and can be played along with other toys after the holidays.

Best of all, there are two versions available. So that gives you a little variety if you have more than one kid.

  • Amazon Review: “Love that there are two versions- we ordered one of each for our kiddos. Shipping was quick and arrived without damage. Box looks cute and inviting can’t wait to enjoy with them!”
  • Where to Buy: $24.99 on Amazon.


W7 Beauty Blast Makeup Advent Calendar

I’m going to explain this really simply for any guys reading this.

Makeup is expensive. This can make trying new products and new looks intimidating. I love a high-quality gift set that allows me to try a variety of products. And cruelty-free? Sign me up!

  • Amazon Review: “This was a perfect gift for my 19 year old daughter. I have shared with my friends that have both younger and older daughters as it is fun and quite fitting. Highly recommend, especially for the price.”
  • Where to Buy: $29.95 on Amazon.


LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar

Made for the mature youngster who can handle getting one to a few Lego pieces a day. But in the end your Lego master gets a complete set that includes some of your favorite Avengers.

  • Amazon Review: “Every year we let the kids pick out their advent calendars and every year Lego has the best! This is a family favorite!”
  • Where to Buy: $44.99 on Amazon.

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Gifts for Kids Five & Under

Here are some recommended gifts for kids five and under. My kids are two and four and I have seven nieces and nephews that are five or younger. I think that is enough experience to tell you that kids like: dinosaurs, bubbles, selfies, anything messy, and simple toys that imitate life, such as home, work, and craft playsets.

The kids in my family actually either own or have played with a lot of the items in this set.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Tool Kit

Gifts for kids five and under

Melissa & Doug toys are almost always a slam dunk. They are well constructed, often made of wood and rarely if ever integrate electronics (which my ears are grateful for). As a mom to both a son and a daughter, I also appreciate that Melissa & Doug products are very neutral and encourage both boys and girls with open-ended play.

This wooden kid’s tool kit is awesome. From my own experience, I like how big the pieces are. The pieces are easy for small, wobbly and developing hands to grasp, and none of the pieces are choking hazards.

  • Amazon Review: “Purchased this for my 2 1/2 y/o as an Easter gift as he’s been expressing interest in construction tools lately. I wanted something on the chunkier side since he’s still developing his fine motor skills but something that was still realistic enough to be usable and so that it would age well — this totally fit the bill! I’m always frustrated by toys that end up being too small for my kiddo, but this one is perfect, they don’t even feel too small in my hands. The screws/bolts are fully usable with both the screwdriver and the wrench, and all the pieces feel durable and work well. “
  • Where to Buy: $19.99 on Amazon, or comparable model for $11.99 from Harbor Freight.


Black + Decker Kids Workbench

Gifts for kids five and under

My kids actually have this exact set and a few other Black+Decker kid’s toy tools. Some items like the saw and the drill make realistic sounds when you use them. Overall, very happy with this workbench. It’s a favorite for my kids and anyone of our little friends and family that come over.

  • My Review: “What a hit! This was his very favorite gift! He uses it every day!
    Don’t forget to add a 4pk of batteries so they never have to be without their favorite tools sounds! Very durable! Assembly was a breeze!”
  • Where to Buy: $79.95 on Amazon, or comparable U.S. General Junior model for $29.99 at Harbor Freight.


TEMI Dinosaur Truck for Kids

Gifts for kids five and under

Every boy and girl goes through a dinosaur phase in my experience. I also love toys that contain toys. It makes cleanup easier, teaches kids how to clean up, and where things go. It even comes with its own playmat!

I’m probably going to hit “Add to Cart” with this one.

  • Amazon Review: “I bought this for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. He loves dinos and monster trucks! This gift was definitely the hit of the party. He insisted on opening it before the party was done and played with it all night!”
  • Where to Buy: $39.99 from Amazon.


Goopow Kids Camera 

Gifts for kids five and under

My kids are around cameras all the time and also enjoy playing with the cameras on my and my husband’s phones. However, those are both a little too expensive to let them use on their own. This fun little camera is affordable and a great way to start experiencing the world from their eyes. Plus it comes in six different designs.

  • Amazon Review: “My kids love it, and the games plus storage it crazy. Youngest has taken 16,000 pictures and thats without a SD card.”
  • Where to Buy: $36.99 on Amazon.


Automatic 360-degree Bubble Machine for Kids

Gifts for kids five and under

I call bubbles “instant zen for kids”. I have used bubble machines to calm groups of screaming children and herd them like sheep when I need them to shift from play to something else like eating or going home. Basically, a kid sees a bubble and they’re happy.

I have a much simpler bubble machine, but this would be a great upgrade. The bubble liquid is locked in so kids can’t as easily mess with the bubble machine and it can hold more at one time. The 360-degree rotation is also a fun feature.

  • Amazon Review: “This bubble machine is the best on the market. It produces a lot of bubble, has good battery life which a much improved method to refill. I’ve purchased many others and for the price you are getting the best value. My kids love it!”
  • Where to Buy: $39.99 on Amazon.


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Gifts for Kids Six to 12 Years Old

What to get kids between the ages of six and 12? Kids in this age group are gaining more independence, they are developing deep interests, and they are still in the “go, go, go” phase of their life. I like to gift kids this age items that they are displaying a strong interest or curiosity in, but also push them to try new and more complex activities. These are my gifts for kids six to 12 years old.


Hands Craft DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle – Dinosaur 6-pack (8 Sets Available) 

Gifts for kids six to 12

This is perfect for the kid who has mastered his Legos and is ready to try something more challenging. For crafty kids, pair this with some paint for a more custom experience. Eight different sets available so you can pick one suited to your kid’s interests.

  • Amazon Review: “My 9yo and 6yo boys absolutely love these! They are easy to punch out and relatively easy to follow the numbered directions to put them together. (Try to have them punch the vertebrae out one at a time, because they’re hard to tell apart!) My youngest needs a little help from me. The pieces can slide apart so you have to make sure to get them as snug as possible. It is frustrating if they push too hard and a piece breaks, but I will glue them because they aren’t for playing with, just displaying. Out of 5 dinos so far, only 2 pieces have broken from being too rough. We are studying dinosaurs and it is the perfect hands-on craft to go with school! They look really neat!”
  • Where to Buy: Available sets range from $17.99-19.99 on Amazon.


STEAM Life Remote Control Dinosaur

Gifts for kids six to 12

Fun Fact: most kids I know under the age of six have been scared of remote control cars, helicopters, dinos, animals, and whatnot. Plus they get really frustrated when learning how to make it work. Once kids are passed kindergarten they are less intimidated by these items and and learn to use them much faster and with fewer meltdowns.

These remote control dinosaurs are super fun, and even better if you have multiple kids on your list so they can play with their dinosaurs together.

  • Amazon Review: “My dino loving daughter LOVES this. It only has one volume (semi-loud) but I was amazed at how well it works for the price. Remote control works good, it lights up, and it belts out this cute little tune that gets everyone in the house to dance. Highly recommend. We’ve had it for a month and it hasn’t broke or ran out of battery juice.”
  • Where to Buy: $39.97 on Amazon.


Selieve Toys Kids Two-Way Walkie Talkies 2-pack

Gifts for kids six to 12

I cannot even count the amount of times my cousins and I stirred up some (wholesome) mischief with a set of cheap walkie-talkies. Younger kids love these too, but don’t always fully understand how to operate them until they are a little older.

Not only are walkie-talkies a great way to play with friends and siblings, but I have definitely used these to get a hold of my husband when he’s working on a project in another part of the house or yard.

  • Amazon Review: “I got these just to have around the house and play with. They do have great range, even to outside of the house and they make for a fun time.”
  • Where to Buy: $35.99 on Amazon.


YLL Mini Portable Karaoke Machine

Gifts for kids six to 12

Kids love being loud and sometimes I encourage it (especially when they are not my own). The kids on your list are bound to enjoy this whether they are singing their favorite songs or making fart noises into the microphone.

  • Amazon Review: “Easily her favorite gift and it has been fun for her and her siblings to sing dance. The box itself lights up with different colors, sound quality is good, and quality of actual items is fantastic.”
  • Where to Buy: $35.99 on Amazon.


Fun Forts Glow Fort Building Kit for Kids

Gifts for kids six to 12

This review says it all.

  • Amazon Review: “This has been a great gift for my boys! It’s an awesome STEM toy. They are 6 and 4, and they love making forts. The parts are a little more difficult to assemble for my 4yo but my 6yo does really well with them. They require some strength at times when the poles are inserted into the balls. Not all of the holes are the same size, and some are impossibly small. However, there are so many pieces, and options for holes, that most the time the balls can be twisted to fit just right. I’m the type of parent that doesn’t mind if my children are given a little hard work when they are playing. It helps them down the road with problem solving.”
  • Where to Buy: $35.99 on Amazon.


Dylanto Instant Print Camera for Kids

Gifts for kids six to 12

This camera is a little fancier than the one that we suggested for the five and under kids on your list. This simple, digital camera allows you to choose what photos you print with the camera itself, or store them on your computer.

  • Amazon Review: “I am an adult who loves physical photos. I have an Instax Camer Mini8 and I loved it for awhile before the refills got WAY to expensive. When I saw this I noticed int he reviews that it was for geared twards kids. I got it anyways. I have done a few different “photoshoots” and I am I love. It’s easy to carry and use with its neck harness that also detaches at the camera easily. I haven’t had any issues with the printing or installing of cartagena or overall performance. It can also save your photos for downloads to a computer. I highly recommend is you love to capture memories.”
  • Where to Buy: $39.99 on Amazon.

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Gifts for Teens

Don’t know what to get the teen in your life? Remember, teens are becoming more and more independent with each year. You can start to trust them with nicer items, they are going out with their friends, and they are developing a strong sense of self. I like to get them gifts that foster that. Here are some of my ideas…

DEERC D20 Mini Drone

Gifts for kids six to 12

Relax! This is a cheaper drone, but still an exciting next step for the tween or teen who has mastered the standard remote control helicopter. A drone is also a great item to play with on their own or with their friends.

  • Amazon Review: “Wow! What a fantastic little mini drone for novice users. With this entry level drone, you can learn to fly successfully in minutes. I took the first 10 minutes to learn the basics of the controller, to adjust the “drift” and to learn the basics of flying this drone, and then plugged in the second battery that came with the drone and the sky is the limit… let your imagination take over! Play with the drone, learn to skirt in and out of tight spaces, through obstacles, do 360’s, and whatever you can dream up.”
  • Where to Buy: $69.99 from Amazon, or comparable 480p Drone for $49.99 at Harbor Freight.


LECLSTAR Photo Hanging Clip 17 ft. LED Strip Lights

Gifts for teens

This is a great way for teens to document the memories they are creating with their friends and family. It’s also great for the young artist who wants to display some artwork in a cool, new way. And this would pair perfectly with the Dylanto Instant Print Camera for Kids listed above.

  • Amazon Review: “I can’t say enough good things about these!!! Super long, double string so it’s more sturdy for the amount of pictures it holds, SO many clear clips… I could keep going. It has so many settings! Be careful though, it has a timer on it where it will turn on everyday at the same time and I didn’t know and I swore I was going to die because they were possessed lol I want these lights all over my house they’re so nice and so beautiful, better than the other ones I have.”
  • Where to Buy: $16.99 on Amazon.


CRAVEBOX Snack Box Variety Pack

Gifts for teens

Oh! And teenagers eat…A LOT. The relief you and your pantry will receive from this gift makes it just as much a gift for you as it is for teens.

  • Amazon Review: “There was such a great variety of snacks! Both of my granddaughters loved it!”
  • My Review: My mom made snack boxes for our birthdays that we so good that my brother-in-law started asking for one. Again, this box is a great price for the variety, but you can always go the custom route!
  • Where to Buy: $28.95 on Amazon.


Jim & Gloria Dustless Hair Chalk Markers

Gifts for teens

I was and still am the girl who can’t keep her hair one color. I wish I had these as a teen. I would have probably used them every day. However, now I use these with all the kids in the family. If we had an “all ages” category this would be in it.

  • Amazon Review: “My 6 year old asked for this for her birthday and it was one of her favorite gifts! The colors were surprisingly vibrant even on darker hair. Washed out easily and didn’t stain clothes. 5 stars!”
  • Where to Buy: $14.99 on Amazon.


mermaker Pepperoni Pizza Blanket (multiple styles available)

Gifts for teens

Nothing says I love you like a pepperoni pizza blanket! Honestly, just a funny gift that will be fun for your teen to wrap-up in on Christmas morning.

Other prints include: tortilla, cereal, and waffle. Sizes range from 47-80 inches.

  • Amazon Review: “I got one for my birthday and decided to get one for my brother who loves pizza. They are completely worth it, I had mine for a year, and it hold up very well. Very soft and warm! My brother loves his as well, highly recommend it and it’s fun to watch their expressions when opening the gift or if it’s for yourself, then you will be in love with it!”
  • Where to Buy: $26.99 on Amazon.


Life Skills for Teens by Karen Harris: How to Cook, Clean, Manage Money, Fix Your Car, Perform First Aid, and Just About Everything In-between

Gifts for teens

Kids turn 18 and we are supposed to just let them loose on the world. Make the transition a little easier for them and their parents. In fact, I wish I had this book when I was their age. Might even need it now.

  • Amazon Review: “I bought one at Thanksgiving to look through it. Now buying two more. I plan to give them as Christmas gifts to my 13 year old daughter and two of her 13 year old cousins. What I liked about this book is that it covers a nice range of topics at just the right level of detail.” Read full review on Amazon.
  • Where to Buy: $9.79 for paperback on Amazon.


Popdarts USA Board Edition

Gifts for teens

Know a kid who likes to play darts and bags/cornhole? Then this is the best gift for them.

  • Amazon Review: “I bought these as my friend group already has a corn hole set and I was looking for something a little different. I must admit I was surprised when it took over the whole scene. It has become a nightly game (weather permitting) in my cul-de-sac. Neighbors that don’t normally come out are showing up for a turn, the kids are hopping on teams and having a blast as well.”
  • Where to Buy: $169.99 on Amazon.

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